Colaborator launches strong to help aspiring filmmakers Launches At Milk StudiosFilmmaking in today’s market is one of the hardest thing for aspiring filmmakers to do, but luckily Colaborator has launched to help make their dreams come true. With a start-studded launch and kick-off party, you can already smell the success that Colabator hopes to help future directors, producers, and writers create.

Colaborator was created by actor Andres Faucher and writer Kevin Allen Jackson who wanted to break down Hollywood access barriers to make it easy for people to collaborate. And so, a Project Collaboration Network (PCN), was created to help aspiring filmmakers, content creators, and anyone who has struggled to find their “in.” It is the only site where anyone in the film and television industries can connect, share, fund, staff, produce, market and even screen projects all on one platform. Launches At Milk Studios

Celebrities who made an appearance at the launch party included Orlando Bloom, Joe Jonas who DJ’ed, Producer Adi Shankar, Christopher Stanley from Mad Men, Director Rupert Sanders, and the beautiful/sweet Sophie Simmons. Launches At Milk Studios

The web series, Match, was made possible by Colaborator thanks to the ease of marketing and finding a producer, director, and project staff. This 7-episode series was made entirely by users who shot in 3 different cities in 6 weeks, proving that high-level, professionally-made content can be crowd sourced!

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When speaking with the creators, we learned that Colaborator is genuinely looking to help people create the next big thing. With star-studded power backing them, who knows if someone’s scribbled idea on the back of a take-out menu will one day have someone like Orlando Bloom attached to it. Launches At Milk StudiosSign up for your account and get your ideas rolling at Colaborator.

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