New Age Performance 6DS mouthpiece (review)


I know the last thing you expect to see from Nerd Reactor is a fitness product review, but the folks over at New Age Performance sent out one of their new 6DS mouth piece designed to improve athletic performance. And yes, geeks that work out and play sports DO exist!

The New Age Performance 6DS (DS stands for dimensional stabilizer) mouthpiece is a fitness product that is designed to “enhance” performance at the gym or for any non-contact sport. The mouthpiece claims to improve posture, position your lower jaw forward, increase oxygen and serve as clench protection.


The 6DS is an interesting bit of fitness tech. At first glance it may seem like a mall kiosk product (much like those “ion” bracelets), but New Age Performance claims that: “Rutgers Univeristy studies states, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance” Before attempting to use the product, the packaging directs you to the New Age website to receive proper technical fitting instructions.

If you’ve ever played any contact sports such as hockey, rugby, football, etc the fitting will be reminiscent of a mouth guard but I strongly encourage you to watch the video the first time you want to use your mouthpiece. After putting it in boiling water for 50 seconds, it’s really important that you get the proper fit. I didn’t put mine in properly the first time and had to reboil it and refit it.

When you first insert the mouthpiece it is a bit of a jarring sensation. You can definitely notice a shift in your jaw positioning (the soreness goes away) and it is much easier to breathe in than a standard mouth guard. One sensation that didn’t go away was the feeling that the mouthpiece should sit further back in your mouth, and that there was always a little something missing.

The number one thing that New Age delivers on, and one of the product’s best features is by far the clench protection for when you are lifting weights at the gym. Whether you are doing squats, bicep curls or core exercises, it definitely helps to have something to bite on, especially when on your last few reps. Although I can’t say I noticed a change in oxygen flow (more on that in a bit), the biting down helped me regulate my breathing during squats and during my plank exercises.


While playing an actual sport however (in my case, basketball) the mouthpiece does not have the desired effects. The same benefits that make it functional while working out did nothing to help when I needed my cardio the most. Instead of increasing my airflow, the mouthpiece quickly became a nuisance and I was forced to abandon it for the rest of the game.

The way the mouthpiece is fitted in your mouth also presents the problem that your mouth stays slightly open and in my case, dries out. While staying hydrated is an important part of being active regardless, more trips to the water fountain are certainly not going to be very high on people’s lists of gym activities.

The 6DS is not a complete write off in terms of fitness tech. As I mentioned above, the clench protection definitely offers a distinct difference when lifting weights or during certain forms of circuit training. It just doesn’t offer that much if you’re playing a sport. If the company found a way to infuse the breathability of this mouthpiece into a traditional mouth guard, it would probably be the best mouth guard of your life.


The mouthpiece itself comes in three different colours and can be purchased through New Age’s website. This is where the biggest problem with the mouthpiece lies. The mouthpieces themselves are marked at a steep cost of $59.95 and New Age suggests you replace it every three months. That’s a tough pill to swallow for even the most enthusiastic of recreational athletes.

In a world where fitness geeks are always looking for the next competitive edge, the 6DS mouthpiece is quite an interesting piece of tech. While given an open mind you may see some improvements (due to the placebo effect perhaps?). The price to benefit ratio is very difficult to ignore. It’s hard to quantify a product of this nature and the adage of ” individual performance results may vary” most certainly rings true.

Rating: 2.5/5 Atoms

NR 2_5 Atoms - C-

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