Bryan Cranston narrates explicit children’s book, ‘You Have to F***ing Eat!’


From the people who brought you Go The [email protected]#k To Sleep comes an new book that is clearly not made for children, You Have to F#$king Eat. The new book is the sequel to Adam Mansbach’s highly acclaimed novel that was narrated by the one and only Samuel L Jackson. Mansbach’s new novel has enlisted the talents of Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston to narrate his new book.

Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcom in the Middle) follows in the exasperated footsteps of Samuel L. Jackson, giving voice to the long-suffering father whose indifferent child will just not eat in this hilarious follow-up to Adam Mansbach’s international best seller, Go the F–k to Sleep.

Mansbach’s long-awaited sequel is about that other great parental frustration: getting your little angel to eat something that even vaguely resembles a normal meal. Profane, loving, and deeply cathartic, You Have to F–king Eat breaks the code of child-rearing silence, giving moms and dads (new, old, grand-, and expectant) a much-needed chance to laugh about a universal problem.

The book seems quite charming and at the same time very inappropriate.

The sunrise is golden and lovely,
The birds chirp and twitter and tweet,
You woke me and asked for breakfast,
So why the fuck won’t you eat?

You can actually get the full audio book on right now FOR FREE. I’d strongly advise it. Judging from the trailer that was released this week it looks hilarious.

Source: Audible

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