Aunt May might get her own movie

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In a gigantic “wtf” moment, there are rumors circling around that Aunt May from The Amazing Spider-Man might get her very own movie. No this is not a joke, and it is not April Fools. Hold on, let me check the calendar…..yeah it’s not April anymore. According to Latino Review, Sally Field will be reprising her role as Peter Parker’s Aunt May in an espionage-style movie that doesn’t include our very own Spider-Man.

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I’m seriously in disbelief about this rumor. Despite Sony having problems on how to continue their Spidey franchise, I don’t think they would take it to this level of desperation. Sony, you planned to release the Sinister Six; you also planned to release a movie based on Venom. What happened to those ideas? I’m going to be one of the first and say that this is going to be a bad idea. I understand on trying to capitalize on the idea of a female lead as a hero, but personally I think you should just keep that idea to your resurrecting of Gwen Stacy and adding her to the other female Spider-Women. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Aunt May, and they DID make her own series in the comics, but the low sales should already be a sign.

Sony, please just work with Marvel Studios in getting Spidey on the Avengers team. That would be the best possible option to move towards.

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Source: Latino Review

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