Power Ranger Super Megaforce (3DS Review)

Power Rangers Megaforce for Nintendo 3DS was a nice take on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Nintendo game. Now the Megaforce has gone Super with the ability to unlock the powers of the legendary Power Rangers. I was looking forward to using a good mix of characters, since each one would be unique and not the same character rehashed, but sadly I was pretty disappointed.


When you start the game you can jump straight into the action or start by scanning Ranger keys you might have in your possession. You can also proceed to the story mode where you can play as the 6 Super Megaforce Rangers right away, along with 24 extra slots (they’re all locked with each containing a legendary ranger spanning the different series of the Power Rangers universe). I decided to start the game without scanning any rangers keys to see how the game would progress and to see what type of rewards I would get if playing normal. After playing through 9 chapters, you don’t really feel rewarded for beating the game since you get nothing for it.

Each Ranger has their own unique battle style and stats, which can be leveled up by using them or having them with you in battle. Your partner fights based on the commands you give him, and it revolves around defense and different combat ranges. If anytime you or your partner falls in battle, it’s game over. To help, you can use health items. I spent the first hour in the game trying to level up each Ranger and keep them within a similar level, but very quickly I learned it wasn’t even worth it and just went with two rangers the rest of the game.

Megazord battles are exactly the same as last year, as it has a rock, paper, scissors style gameplay. You have to counter or attack your opponent before they attack or shoot. It’s nothing really special and the bosses towards the end of the game also start doing way more damage and spamming their special moves, which you only get after taking or doing enough damage.


The game really fails to impress in the end. While it does try to add replay value, leveling up 6 rangers over the same few stages over and over again is bad enough and to level up 30 different Rangers (if you unlock the rest) just becomes very dull quickly. I enjoyed the last game quite a bit (being more devoted to the old school beat em’ up), but this one just doesn’t deliver. I found it odd that they gave the Super Megaforce Green Ranger bombs to toss in battle. It made him the most useless character in the game and it’s odd since he never uses bombs in the series.

The game had two very crippling problems, the first one is the terribly implemented hitboxes. I would be away from enemy weapons or bombs and somehow I would still take full damage or somehow not hit enemies who are right in front of me. The second was a terribly executed AI partner who dies even when given the proper commands and stands there when told to guard. By the end game they just became a shield for me to use since they kept getting killed.

Power Ranger Super Megaforce for Nintendo 3DS failed to capture the reason why people love Power Rangers Super Megaforce. You won’t be able to transform into the Legendary Power Rangers from the past, and if you want to play as your favorite Rangers in the game, you’ll have to buy the Ranger key (which is part of a specific figure or set). If you don’t have it, you’ll only get to play as the six Super Megaforce Rangers, making it feel more like a pay-to-play game that costs $30.

Rating: 1.5/5 Atoms

NR 1_5 Atoms - D-

Power Ranger Super Megaforce
Developer:  Namco Bandai Games
Publisher:  Namco Bandai Games
System: Nintendo 3DS
Price: $29.99
Available: 10/28/ 2014

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