Marvel’s plan to make Inhumans the new X-Men

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A lot of fans wish that Marvel has the rights to the X-Men movies, but sadly, Fox is holding onto it tighter than a nun’s [censored]. Since Marvel Studios can’t do the films, their next best thing is the Inhumans, which the studio has announced as an upcoming film.

The Inhumans are a superpowered experimental race living away from human civilization. A lot of people relate to the X-Men because everybody feels like an outsider at one point or another. Marvel has been adding that angle to the Inhumans (see image below).

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And now Marvel is telling comic book stores that they have twice as many copies of Inhumans #8 for next month. #7 will be getting a second print soon. The company is really making a push for the Inhumans.


It should be interesting to see what Marvel has in store for the future of Inhumans and X-Men in the comic book universe.

Inhumans hits theaters on November 2, 2018. Marvel has plenty of time to hype up the franchise before then.

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