Top 5 PC/console games for a horrifying Halloween


Horror gaming has been a tradition among my friends and I where we try to finish off every successful night of Halloween action. There are tons of titles out there claiming to stain your britches, but these five specific masterpieces are time-tested and approved by most enthusiasts of this sickening genre. There’s no contest between these games, and numeration really means nothing for this list. All 5 games are scary as f**k, and with the addition of an Oculus Rift (if you’re lucky enough to have one), it becomes a terror experience that’s almost too realistic.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

There’s no possible horror game list without this insane title. Jump scares are perfectly engineered to occur once enough tension is build, and with the heartbeat system, it makes for hours of screams and tears. First timers won’t make it past stage 1 without having to stop.


Another classic sure to freak out anyone who hasn’t experienced this yet. If you own a wireless mouse/keyboard and have your TV streaming from a PC, this can absolutely become a great group experience. Best part is that it’s absolutely free.

The Forest

Basically, imagine a cross between LOST and Top Chef. You have crash landed, and everything wants to eat you, especially the indigenous tribe on this island. You’ll poop yourself roughly every five minutes or so, as the game builds tension then jumps you at the worst possible moments. Also, caves. F**k caves.


This is a game that will f**k with your mental constitution, just for the hell of it. The buildups are a bit long, unless you take one little wrong turn, followed by the wussiest shriek you’re ever shrieked. While the environment can get a little stale sometimes, the randomness of the levels generated will always surprise you through every playthrough. Great for taking turns in a group.


With little touches such as the the flashlight sounds coming through your controller and improved visuals without damaging framerates, Outlast is an amazing experience for even the manliest of completionists. Turn the lights off, sit back, and prepare for fear.


silent hills pt interactive teaser

Silent Hills’ PT Playable teaser

Although this isn’t a full game, the PlayStation 4 interactive playable teaser is one of the scariest experiences out there. You’re trapped in a house in a never-ending cycle trying to figure out ways to escape. The demo has the most realistic graphics so far in horror gaming history that helps bring terror as you encounter a crying baby, a creepy ghost, doors mysteriously opening, and weird lights.

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