Real ghost stories for your Halloween

It’s that time of year when people dress up in spooky or slutty costumes, then go door-to-door asking for candy. However despite the frightening/craziness of the costumes, parties, and eating of sweets, there are very real scary stories that occur during our everyday lives; which aren’t just limited to Halloween. So for now, whether you believe in ghosts or the supernatural, I’d like for you to just keep an open mind. These are unexplained situations that I’ve experienced, along with experiences from my close friends and relatives.

The Unknown Woman

The first supernatural experience that I’m going to speak about was a story from my uncle in the Philippines. The Philippines has a rich history like many other countries; of course the history also contains bloodshed. The Philippines has experienced a lot of atrocities during World War II, and mind you I’m not a Philippine historian, but there were probably just as many skirmishes and in-fighting for political power compared to the United States. So to continue my story, my uncle and his family used to live in an apartment building in Manila that had been around since the early 1900s; so they’ve experienced many unexplained things in and around the house. One night, my uncle had a long busy work day, and didn’t leave for home until around 2AM in the morning. As he walked the streets home, he casually smoked his cigarette and took in the quiet evening air. When he got near his home, he felt a stillness in the air, like something wasn’t right. He was slowly approaching the corner of the the street he lived on, when immediately he saw a woman standing there with her back turned to him. He didn’t pay her much attention at first, since he thought she was just lost girl, or a prostitute. As he got closer, the goosebumps on his skin started to rise. The woman was standing completely still, not making a sound. My uncle regained his composure, and brushed off the weird vibe he felt. He then asked the woman if she needed help as he approached her from the side. This was the point where my uncle regretted asking her anything. The woman was eerily silent as she turned to face my uncle. To his horror, she had absolutely no face coupled with the fact that the lower part of her legs were not visible to his human eyes; she was floating. My uncle dropped his cigarette, turned and ran for his life. To this day, my uncle doesn’t know who that woman was or what she was doing there.


Unwanted Patient

The second story I’m going to be speaking about, is directly from my cousin’s friend. He told me this when I was still a kid, and it’s something that I’ve never forgotten. My cousin’s friend is Vietnamese, and let’s just say that his name is “Tim”. Tim has a very quiet, down-to-earth demeanor and he also has the gift of being able to see spirits, like the kid from the movie The Sixth Sense. Scientists and skeptics like to rule out this ability saying that there is no actual proof of it, but from what Tim has experienced and the “coincidences” that match what he’s seen, I can’t do anything else but believe him. When Tim went on vacation with his parents back to Vietnam, the only things he had on his mind were: meeting his family members, and having a good time. However sometime during the trip, Tim’s mother had to be rushed to the hospital with Tim and his father staying by her bedside. The hospital room his mother stayed at was cramped and uncomfortable. There was another patient next to Tim’s mother, and an empty bed on her adjacent side. During the evening, Tim’s father told Tim to just stay in the bed, while he would sleep on the chair. Tim agreed happily, but didn’t this would be a mistake on his part. As Tim dozed to sleep, he could hear his mother’s soft breathing. According to the doctors there, she needed a couple days of bed rest and she would be good as new. As Tim drifted into sleep, he was suddenly woken up by jolt on his bed. Tim is a Southern California resident, so in his mind he immediately thought it was an earthquake. Suddenly realizing he was back in the hospital, Tim already knew what was happening; although that didn’t make it any more easier to deal with. The bed he was sleeping on, started to shake violently. Tim, in his groggy state, asked in Vietnamese what was going on, but was only met in silence. The bed shook, but made no sound until Tim was literally flung off of it landing next to his mother’s. Wide eyed from what had just happened, Tim heard a man’s voice laughing from the direction of his bed. The frightening thing for Tim was that there wasn’t anyone there. All he could hear was the soft breathing of his mother.



The last story I’d like to share actually touches on my personal life, but it was something that I experienced and don’t mind sharing with you all. When I was in early High School, my father had passed away due to a car accident. I loved my father with all my heart because of the sacrifices he made just to give me the opportunities he didn’t have in the Philippines; I remember crying so much after putting the flowers on his coffin during his funeral. When someone passes away in a Filipino household, we tend to mourn their loss for 40 days following their passing. All the relatives stay at one house while we pray, and comfort each other as much as we can. This was the same situation after my father left this world; we all stayed at my cousin’s house and prayed for my father’s soul. Midway through the 40 days of prayer, my aunt asked my cousin and myself to pick up something from my house. Remember, I hadn’t been back home for 3 weeks and I needed some extra clothes and belongings. It was a bit somber that day when my cousin and I pulled up to my house’s driveway. I remember it being overcast with little to no breeze. When I opened the door to our house, it smelled just the same as we had left it. My cousin and I immediately got to work: he went to the living room grab whatever it was that my aunt needed, and I went to my room and started grabbing clothes. About 3 minutes in, I started to smell something odd. My room started to smell like an abundant amount of flowers. I immediately straightened up and tried to follow the scent thinking that it was coming from an open window, however my windows weren’t open. I checked the other rooms in our house and the windows weren’t open either, yet the scent of an abundance of flowers floated in the air. My cousin then yelled from the living room area asking if I could smell flowers or roses; I confirmed his inquiry immediately. We both then started trying to debunk where it was coming from: not our front lawn, since our rose bushes didn’t have flowers at that time of the year. It wasn’t our neighbors, since they only had bushes. It wasn’t wafting into our house from a random backyard, since our windows were closed. The scent hung very thick in the air, and my cousin and I started to get creeped out. We then left immediately with what we had on hand and we didn’t come back until several weeks later; at our return, the smell of flowers was gone.



There might be pure scientific explanations to what myself, my relatives, and friends experienced.  Of course then again, there might not be and they’re just exactly what they are. Supernatural phenomena that will just remain unexplained because they don’t follow the laws of physics, or science, on this plane of existence. As I said earlier, just keep an open mind about these stories. If you don’t believe, no one is forcing you. If you do, then hopefully you have your own experiences that you’d like to share with your friends as well during…Halloween. Thanks for reading and have a safe and spoooky holiday! 🙂



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