Devilish deals from restaurants during Halloween

Halloween is a day where kids get all the treats when they hit up the neighborhood. Well, now some restaurants/fast food joints are jumping on the bandwagon of offering discounts or free food during this night. Some require you to come dress while others require you to show up. Here are some of the places to visit if you want actual food instead of candy in your stomach.


Chipotle Boorito

Offering $3 “booritos”, tacos, salads, and bowls if you come after 5 PM with a costume on.


Starbucks Franken Frapp

$3 Grande Frappuccino. You can try their new Franken Frappuccino for that price.


Sonic Corndog

Offering 50 cent corn dogs all day. Can’t go wrong with that.


Wendy's Jr. Frosty

Free Jr. Frosty when you buy a coupon book for $1. The book contains 10 free Jr. Frosty. Halloween is the last day to buy the book.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Ghost Buster

Apart from offering those awesome Ghost Buster themed donuts, they are offering a free donut for anyone that comes in with a costume.


Arby's Bacon

Get free bacon with your sandwich when you say, “Trick or Meat”. Mmm…bacon.

So if you’re not big into candy or just want to a change of flavor, then head to these places for some awesome goodness.

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