Halloween Movie Drinking Guide

So it’s Halloween and you’re too lazy to get up and give candy to kids, but just motivated enough to go down to the liquor store and get some booze for a movie/drinking marathon. But which drinks to get? This guide should help a bit with these 5 movie+drink combos…


poster for silence of the lambs

 Silence of the Lambs

Recommended Drink: Chianti and Cognac
Price Range: $15 – $3500

Nothing makes a fat guy sitting in his skivvies feel like a sophisticated aristocrat like a glass of Chianti (with maybe a side of fava beans) enjoying Hannibal Lector’s antics in this classic, which may not exactly be a horror movie to some naysayers, but it’s definitely a movie worth watching and drinking to on Halloween night.




John Carpenter’s The Thing
Recommended Drink: Brandy and Whiskey
Price Range: $15-$250

Nothing says “Warm me the %*&@ up!” like Brandy and Whiskey. With The Thing set in the arctic, this combination of body warming (and blood thinning) drinks should help keep the chills at bay while watching the alien shape-shifter rip apart the group of survivors.





Recommended Drink: Bloody Mary
Price Range: $5-70

What better drink than a Bloody Mary to go with one of the most bloodiest vampire movies around? Whether you decide to get a store bought mix or make one yourself, you too can feel the satisfaction of drinking “blood” when watching the splatter fly in this flick.




From-Dusk-Till-DawnFrom Dusk ‘Till Dawn
Reccomended Drink: Tequilla
Price Range: $7-$100

I originally thought to put Bloody Mary here as well, but you know what? This is a Robert Rodriguez film that takes place at a rowdy bar in Mexico. I think it’s only appropriate to have this film accompanied with the taste of some fine tequila! A word of caution: If you plan to make a drinking game, don’t do it to the amount of cussing that goes on in this film, otherwise you’ll get alcohol poisoning by the time you get to Cheech’s famous front door speech. You know which one I mean.


shaunofthedeadShaun of the Dead
Recommended Drink: British Ale, Lagers and Beers
Price Range: $4-40

If you can get your hands on some liquor from across the pond, it should do well to go along with one of the better zombie films that’s around, especially if you play Drinking Cinema’s Shaun of the Dead drinking game





So there you go! A quick guide to 5 movies and 5 drinks to guzzle down with those movies! We got plenty of guides for snacks and treats to go with those drinks, so don’t you fret!

Disclaimer: Obvious “Don’t Drink unless you’re of age” statement. And don’t be retarded by driving around after you drink. That’s what Designated Drivers, Couches, and Taxi’s are for. Also know your limits and know when to stop drinking. No one wants to spend the 1st of November having to explain to friends and loved ones why you were too dumb to stop drinking. The fact I have to even write this means there’s too many stupid people already doing all of the above, so don’t be a statistic. 


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