Reaction to Marvel’s Phase 3 plans blowing up the media


It’s a great age to be a comic book movie fan. In fact if you’re a Marvel fan, then you’re probably just as giddy as everyone else; I know I am. After revealing their plans for their Phase 3 lineup, Marvel just took the entire media world by storm. There had been speculations as to what Marvel was planning, but there were only glimpses, and hints from each movie for what’s to come. Now that the entire lineup has been released, we all let out a unanimous cheer because our speculations were finally answered.


With the exceptions of a few well known titles on this list, there are a couple new ones added o the mix: Dr. Strange, Inhumans, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. Of these four, which we are all looking forward to, a lot of people have been clamoring about Black Panther and Captain Marvel the most. The reason people are buzzing more about this is that the current Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t really have a main African American hero or a main female hero. Before you say anything, I know there’s War Machine, Falcon, and Black Widow, however they’re not considered main characters, nor do they have their own movies. Also, let’s not forget Blade, however that was made by New Line Studios in the late 1990s and the character is not part of the MCU as of yet. Although Marvel Studios does own the rights to Blade, we’re going to have to wait until they reintroduce the Daywalker to us.

As for Captain Marvel, I’m personally very excited for this female heroine to crash through the big screen. Please don’t confuse DC’s Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, with Marvel’s Captain Marvel (Google it if you’re confused). Black Widow may be a presently strong female heroine, but she doesn’t have actual super abilities like the rest of the other main characters. Carol Danvers, or Ms. Marvel as she’s more widely known, has a super strength, flight, and energy projection. She also has a no-nonsense female persona and she can kick as much ass as her male counterparts, at times maybe even moreso. I’ll say it here, but I personally think that Captain Marvel will be the mold that all the other comic book movie heroines will follow.


The Inhumans is another huge reveal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the MCU cannot and shall not use the “M” word for fear of being sued (thank you, other studio who-shall-not-be-named), the introduction of these group of superpowered beings, will change the MCU forever. Not only are the Inhumans unique, but their abilities were “awoken” by the Terrigen Mist (basically, it’s a mist that awakens latent super abilities specifically to you). One last thing that makes them completely different than all the other Marvel movie characters is that they are a group of people with a king; King Black Bolt to be exact. They are already an established group of super beings, as opposed to the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy who started off as individuals. I really hate to say it; in fact, I don’t want to say it, but the Inhumans are most likely going to be the X-Men/mutants of the MCU. I’m guessing that they might change Black Bolt’s character to match that of Magneto’s, but that’s just speculation. Anyways, ALL HAIL KING BLACK BOLT!!!

the_inhumansThe news about Avengers: Infinity War is pretty much the icing on this already large cake that Marvel has built throughout the years. As a kid, I remember reading the entire saga all the way up to the battle with Thanos. Of course in the comics there were more heroes readily available, but since other studios own the rights to them, Marvel is going to work with what they have and hopefully smash the record books for highest grossing film ever. Okay, maybe that’s just the comic-book-movie-fanboy in me talking right now, but at the moment all we can do is speculate on who’s going to be with the team as they take on…the Mad Titan.

….did someone just ask for Spider-Man?? The ball is your court Sony and Marvel. Make it happen for the fans.


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