NR’s Top 5 Scariest Clowns

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It’s almost Halloween, so we try to keep our articles as horror-oriented as possible. What is considered scary to some people? Clowns. Clowns. Clowns.

A lot of people ask me why I’m so afraid of clowns… I tell them, because clowns have a disguise that is supposed to look happy, but at the same time, if they tried to kill you, you can’t identify them! I just… I can’t.

So, to get over my fear, I’m going to embrace what scares me by writing up the Top 5 Scariest Clowns from movies and television! These are in no particular order because they are all scary. There are a lot of horror clowns in independent and smaller movies (100 Tears, Amusement), but I mainly added mainstream clown characters.

1. Twisty the Clown (American Horror Story: Freakshow)

clown ahs

Thank you, American Horror Story for making beloved John Caroll Lynch (who I loved from the Drew Carey Show) into my nightmare. Yeah, this clown loves to murder and kidnap people. He’s not a nice clown, but he sure looks happy.


2. Pennywise (It)

clown it

Oh, the memories of watching this movie and not being able to sleep for days. Pennywise was THE horror clown that many scary clowns should look up to. Tim Curry did the character justice and haunted us for many years.


3. Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses’/ ‘The Devils’ Rejects)

clowns5 Oh, this murdering psychopath HAD to put on clown makeup to make him more scary than he already is. Oh, Sid Haig…  Don’t forget to try his fried chicken!


4. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)


They made a movie about actual alien clowns from out of space that kills… that is just a given that it’ll be scary. I mean, it does have the 80s look to it that doesn’t make it as scary as before… but back then… this was SCARY.

5. Zeebo (Are You Afraid of the Dark?)


Seriously… this was my childhood nightmare and it still scares me a little bit. Are You Afraid of the Dark is a old program, but it doesn’t make it less scary. Their stories and the way they presented it… they don’t make TV shows like this anymore.

Hope this helps you sleep at night! You’re welcome!

Happy Halloween!

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