‘To Be Takei’ movie review


Everyone has attached Takei to Star Trek, gay rights, and Facebook hilarity, but people know very little about the life and times of George Takei. We got to explore more about the man behind the Star Trek uniform and his struggles growing up in an Japanese internment camp, hiding his sexuality from Hollywood, and finally coming out to the world with the love of his life Brad in his documentary To Be Takei. 

The documentary is hilarious and truly heartfelt. We get to see the every day life of George and Brad, George’s trips to conventions, his life in the entertainment industry, his journey of coming out, and his story of the Japanese internment camps through his musical Allegiance. There are also special interviews with his former Star Trek cast members, his family, and friends in the Japanese American community. These interviews gave us a deeper insight on who George was and is as a person.

The interesting part of the documentary that was unexpected was showcasing the feud between William Shatner and George Takei. It wasn’t something I expected from the former Star Trek cast members, but it’s a good tidbit to know as a Trekkie.

Writer/director Jennifer M. Kroot showed us a different side of George. We got to see him beyond being an actor; we got to see his soul. She was able to show us George is just like us and just splendid.  This documentary did Takei justice. This documentary is highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

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