Hollows Grove movie review


Hollows Grove is a found footage film, and this time we find ourselves following a documentary on a current and popular show called SPIT, a paranormal “reality” show. Traveling to Hollows Grove, the site of a makeshift asylum turned massacre location, we are told that God commanded a child to kill all the children in there. That’s not the only horrible event that’s happened in the halls, in fact, suicides and murder seem to be quite common. SPIT is here to investigate and the documentary is there to get footage of the whole thing.

The cast includes fan favorite Lance Henriksen along with stars Mykelti Williamson, Matt Doherty, Sunkrish Bala, Bresha Webb, Val Marijan Morrison and Matthew Carey.

Hollows Grove doesn’t seem to have the most positive take on paranormal investigation shows. In fact they seem to be spoofing them by applying special effect rigging and general silliness. Because of the established idea that most of the show includes rigging, it is at first confusing as to what is a joke or what may be part of the haunting. Of course things go wrong, and the characters who seem to be egomaniacs fighting for air time aren’t taking it well.

It takes a while to get to any scares, and they are few and far between in my opinion. One thing it does play on, that all filmmakers can relate to, is the horror of the unpredictable. We’ve all been there, but not many are actually supernatural entities. The gore gets good, but you have to wait for it. When stuff starts going it gets good so bear with it.

It pokes fun of paranormal shows, so that may be a reason for you to watch it. What if these reality stars actually came in contact with the beyond? Would they be able to handle it? It’s certainly an interesting concept. It is found footage, so shaking camera abounds. Also you will want to stick around after the credits for the last scene. You won’t want to miss that. Overall, I think this is a good solid horror movie. Definitely check it out for the Halloween season, as it is an interesting take on all these reality shows.

Rating: 3/5 Atoms

NR 3 Atoms - C

Hollows Grove comes is available on ITunes and you can also head to hollowsgrove.com for updates on screenings and news.


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