Review: The Hue Pro by JunoPower

Hue Pro 2The Hue Pro is a very high-end looking battery backup for your digital devices. With 10,000mAh of power, this battery backup may be all you need to charge multiple devices on your next outing. Most devices like smart phones and tablets come with pretty high capacity batteries to last you most of the day, but if you tend to drain your battery as quick as you charge, then this device may just be for you.

In the box you get the Hue Pro, a user manual, and a micro USB cable. You can use the included USB cable to charge the Hue Pro, or to charge your device with the Hue Pro instead. Out of the box, the battery backup was already 40% charged, but I still gave it a full charge before its first use. With its brushed aluminum body, bright LCD screen, and even an LED flashlight, this battery backup stands out as a useful tool and not just a one trick pony.

Hue Pro 4With so many battery backups out today, it’s nice to see one that does more than just charge your device but doesn’t go overboard with it. The added touch of a built-in LED flashlight seems like a no brainer on such a device. I’ve been using the Hue Pro for a few weeks now and during that time I’ve been charging anywhere from two phones at the same time in the living room, to keeping the music going as I charged a Bluetooth speaker at a beach party well into the night.

When you compare the Hue Pro to other battery packs of about the same dimensions, you barely notice the weight difference. It’s a very light battery pack considering that it’s holding a 10,000mAps. Its size is relative to the wallet you probably already carry with you in a pocket.

Hue Pro 3On the face of the Hue Pro you have a bright LED screen that tells you the actually battery percentage, what port and voltage you are using if you have devices connected, and to turn on/off the LED flashlight you simply press the power button two times. On top you have the LED flashlight, two USB slots to charge your devices, and one mini USB connection to charge the battery pack itself. Charge time is a little over four hours when the battery is fully drained.

With two USB connections, one 1 amp and one 2.1 amp, you can charge both a smart phone and tablet quickly and at the same time. Most battery packs can do the same, but combining that with the 10,000mAp battery means you can charge two devices multiple times before having to recharge the Hue Pro. This by far makes the Hue Pro the battery pack to have with you on the go.

My conclusions is that the Hue Pro is a monster battery pack and that is an absolute need for those who are simply glued to your smart phone or table, but don’t tend to be close to a power outlet. Having the ability to charge two devices at the same time is nothing new with battery packs, but being able to charge multiple devices in one day and still have juice left for the next day is perfect. You could take it with you practically anywhere, on a camping trip, a day at the beach, or to your next convention. Its compact size and LED flashlight also make it a handy tool if you drop something in badly lit room, or if you are digging into bag looking for those keys again. My only complaint is actually with LED flashlight itself. I would have wanted a switch to turn this on and off. I found that turning on the light was simple, but turning it off sometimes took several tries.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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