Old Man Logan teased for Summer 2015

Old Man Logan

You have to hand it to Marvel. They have not stopped the announcements of their future releases since NYCC ended. Now they are bringing us a new arc set to be released the same time as the previous announcements like Civil War, Years of Future Past, Armor Wars and more.

This time Old Man Logan is set to be rebooted next summer. This is great news for those in the comic business looking for work. They are going to need a lot of pencilers, inkers, etc. to pull off what they plan to do next summer.

Here’s a quick reminder of what Old Man Logan was about. All the villains finally stopped fighting each other and united to take down heroes around the world. Afterwards they split up the US among themselves, and Logan, long retired, gets a proposition from Hawkeye to travel cross-country to all those villain-infested lands.

I would say this is one of my sleeper choice when it first came out. I would like to see how they change it up next year.

Old Man L

Source: Marvel

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