Mortal Kombat Legacy II Blu-ray review

mortal kombat legacy ii blu-ray

It all started when Kevin Tancharoen had a vision of a gritty and gruesome Mortal Kombat film. The first two films from New Line Cinema were PG-13 and didn’t really represent the violent nature of the video game source. To show the studios what he was capable of, Tancharoen directed the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer as a teaser test footage of sorts. That video was leaked and went viral quickly. This lead to Warner Bros. testing the waters with a Mortal Kombat web series called Mortal Kombat Legacy. It was a success, and this lead to the second season with Mortal Kombat Legacy II.

The first season was an anthology that contained 9 episodes, with each episode focusing on a particular Mortal Kombat warrior. With season 2, we have 10 episodes, each rounding out about 10 minutes. It was less of an anthology and chronicles the combatants journey into the second Mortal Kombat tournament, with a heavy focus on Liu Kang’s fall to darkness. Jax, Kano, and Sonya Blade are absent. Some of the returning characters are Stryker, Raiden, Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage, Mileena, Kitana, Sub-Zero and Scorpion (some played by different actors). New characters include Kenshi, Liu Kang, Ermac and Kung Lao.

After winning the first tournament, Liu Kang tries to live a normal life with his girlfriend (who he’s about to propose to). It all changes when she is murdered in front of his eyes. He fought in the first tournament to save humanity, but humanity spit back at his face. This leads Kang down a path of death and destruction.

Kenshi gets highlighted in the second season with two episodes that reveal his origin. It follows him as he wants to become the best warrior by retrieving a very special sword. His quest will explain why he’s called blind Kenshi. For me, his story was pretty straightforward and didn’t really keep me engaged.

Mortal Kombat Legacy feature

The Sub-Zero and Scorpion story was first introduced in the first season, but this season concludes their story. Both Ian Anthony Dale and Eric Steinberg do an excellent job as Scorpion and Sub-Zero, respectively. We see how the two childhood friends are forced to hate each other because they are in rival clans. The two episodes are easily the best in the series.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao get a lot of screen time in Legacy II. Kang is definitely different from the video game, as he’s becoming a very dark character. It’s an interesting take on the character, but due to the series being really short, we didn’t really get to see a middle and end in terms of character arc. This left the storyline feeling empty, especially with the cliffhanger at the end.

Content Rating: 3/5 Atoms

Video/Audio Quality

Legacy II is presented in 1080p in 2.4:1 aspect ratio. I was pretty impressed with the video quality for this web series, then again, I wasn’t expecting much from a web series that was released YouTube. The details are good as you can see the texture on Kung Lao’s hat and the trees and leaves in the forest. The DTS-Master Audio 5.1 surround sound strikes a punch as you can hear bones cracking when Liu Kang beats up a bunch of thugs, when Sub-Zero tries to freeze Scorpion and when Scorpion disappears to perform his teleport punch. The dialogue is clear and is focused on the center. Plus, the karaoke scene with “Relax” makes you feel like you’re really at a karaoke bar.

Video/Audio Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B


The first season had plenty of extras, so it’s kind of disappointing to see that Legacy II is pretty much a bare bones release. Here we get a trailer.

Extras Rating: 1/5 Atoms

NR 1 Atoms - F

Final Reaction

Legacy II does leave a lot to be desired in terms of the main storyline, but there are bits and pieces that are enjoyable, especially the storyline between Scorpion and Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage’s presence. Some of the fight scenes are pretty intense, including Mileena vs. Kitana. It’s recommended for Mortal Kombat fans, but for everyone else, it’s a rental.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Atoms

NR 3 Atoms - C

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