Star Trek Online: Delta Rising has arrived!

uee2K2l3ur5jRcJv8iyGO5OeVr4b-0DUKgwEn18edGoA little over a month ago, the announcement for Star Trek Online’s Delta Rising was made. With this announcement came the news that several Star Trek – Voyager alumni would be returning to their roles in digital form. Although there was no confirmation to me when Delta Rising would be available, it was a pleasant surprise when it was made available immediately on October 15, 2014.

k-vb8qkUK3208FWrtb1zUjPWiXyfLFBCEB4wXtHCr_oA few weeks ago, I made an effort to catch up on the storylines in the Star Trek Online game and learned of the united efforts of the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Republic, to stave off a new threat form the Delta Quadrant. While much of Delta Rising’s story is alluded to in the seasonal content which included Tuvok (Tim Russ), the amount of possible storylines that STO can tap into from Voyager’s journey through the Delta Quadrant have me very curious with what’s in store for players.

X0mUrWoW6L4D1P5yZ22GJmXXR9W8okjKL899GVbJeb8It’s not every day we have MMO content suddenly unloaded onto players with this caliber of material. Given that STO’s second expansion, Legacy of Romulus, barely came out earlier this year, having Star Trek alumni for this expansion just blows my mind! Need I remind you, Star Trek Online is a Free-to-Play MMO. It’s not Pay-to-Win, so everyone enjoys the game at their own pace and schedule. If you want to invest in some exclusive content, you can get the Delta Rising – Operations Pack. The Operations Pack seems pricey until you realize that this massive pack of ships and other extras are only available in this bundle, which would amount to the same kind of price investment over the course of playing a Free-to-Play MMO with a Cash Shop (and yes, STO has a Cash Shop… but its a good one).


As a reminder, Star Trek Online requires the following System specifications to play:

  • Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 3800+
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • 10GB Free Disk Space
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7950 / ATI Radeon X1800 / Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX 9.0c Compatible Soundcard
  • Broadband Internet Connection Required

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