Planet Hulk set to be released Summer 2015

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With Marvel doing some major rebooting in the comic book world we thought yesterday’s news of Years of Future Past would be the last one. We were wrong. It seems Marvel still wants to reboot another major arc. This time it is Planet Hulk.

The original arc had Hulk being launched into space by the Illuminati, well most of them did. During the space travel Hulk destroyed the ship and landed in a planet where he was enslaved. From there Hulk’s hellish journey began.

No specifics have been said about this reboot, but from the looks of it, Captain America, Devil Dinosaur, and the Hulks are fighting it out. Why? We don’t know yet, but like the rest of the announcements, we will get more as time goes along.

Are you excited for this reboot? Were you a fan of the original?


Source: Marvel

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