Indiecade 2014: Nintendo

There is a reason why Indiecade is a three-day event. There are so many games to play and try out, and every year I look forward to seeing what Nintendo has in store. The indie games can be just as awesome and last year, my number one title was Pier Solar from WaterMelon Games and Shovel Knight.

This year Nintendo showed off 15 titles, and the lines in the Nintendo tent were long.


The first game I got to play was Runbow for the Nintendo Wii U from Toronto developer 13AM Games. This is one of those party games you can really get into with friends since it supports up to 9 players. One person uses the Wii U Controller Pad, four friends use classic controllers hooked up to four wiimotes, h four other players can use for a total of 9 players at once.

Each player starts out by selecting a color and helmet to make each character unique. Once the game starts it’s party action havoc right off the bat. You have multiple modes to play like king of the hill. You also have a race mode where characters try to complete each stage and grab a trophy before everyone else, and while this sounds simple enough, there are a few tricks to the game.

Ledges are different colors in the game as well as the backgrounds, so just because it was there before doesn’t mean it will be there later. The background cycles through different colors platforms, and the same color will disappear making things more challenging. You can also punch each other, stun your opponents and collect traps which have different effects like lightning, stronger attacks, or even switching places with a random opponent.


We went from playing 9 players to four players in Sportsball, also for the Nintendo Wii U from TOO DX. Similar to Joust from the NES era, players ride different-size birds. Players can select between different birds to ride on, each with their own unique traits. Two teams of two need to score the most points, and you can take out your opponents by jumping on them which spawns more balls for you to score.

I decided to use the largest bird there was and was able to jump and dive on my opponents, while my partner got the balls in and defended at the same time. There were lots of strategies behind the game, and it was pretty fun to play against our opponents as we lost 2-1 in a best of 3 match.


Next in my quest of gaming was The Fall from Over the Moon Games. It’s a sci-fi puzzle/action/side-scrolling adventure that reminded me of Dead Space, without the suspense. You control ARID, an AI placed in a high tech combat suit. ARID is awoken after a pilot is hurt and unconscious,. he is tasked with saving the pilot.

The demo cycled through different events to show off the different elements of the game such as a puzzles. The side-scrolling action has ARID fighting against enemies as both sides hide behind different covers and attack with their guns. I couldn’t really get a feel for the game aside from some quick action and interaction with different items, but it might be something to keep an eye out for.


A sequel to 2010’s Costume Quest, publisher Midnight City is bringing a new adventure to the Nintendo Wii U with the perfect theme for October Halloween. An evil Dentist has decided to travel back in time and stop Halloween from happening, and it’s up to Reynold and Wren to stop the madman who wants to get rid of all the free candy by using the powers of Costumes to their advantage.

The demo lets us walk around town and explore the map while getting into battles. Our team consisted of a superhero, clown and candy corn. The battles in the game are real-time RPG, which players can block or deal more damage by pressing the correct button at the same time, keeping you focused whether you’re on the offensive or defensive.

There were two games at Nintendo’s booth that really got me excited. The first title is a cute little platformer from Frima called Chariot.


Chariot is a game about a deceased King who demands a fitting place for his final rest. He tasks his daughter and her suitor with finding the perfect place. They travel among different areas no matter the dangers. It won’t be easy for the two as they must climb, fight and travel along tricky and difficult paths.

What really shined about the game is how you play. Both players can work together to get past obstacles, or one can screw around while the other does all the work. Using ropes, players can jump, climb, and drag the chariot around to proceed and in later stages even fight and defend. As I played the first two stages, my partner and I took turns being the lazy one who messed around. When we needed to work together, we also had fun riding the chariot down steep hills.

With a friend this game is fun, though I do wonder how it would feel in a single player setting.

While there were still a few games to play, my last title and my favorite was Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse from WayForward.


Pirates attack the town and Shantae is the only one who can save it. A powerful curse means Shantae will have to team up with her arch nemesis, Risky Boots, and become a pirate herself to save Sequin Land from an evil curse. While Shantae might not have her powers anymore, it’s not stopping her from doing what she does best, hair whipping the enemies into submission.

Fans of games like Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda can easily enjoy a very familiar style of gameplay. I played the Nintendo 3DS version which quickly introduced the story. The first mission has you playing as Shantae. You’ll need to platforms your way past pirates and even face off against a giant tank. The game is available next week for both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.

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