X-Men’s Year of Future Past coming Summer 2015 (comic)

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During New York Comic Con, Marvel teased an artwork of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with the phrase, “No More Mutants.” This could mean many things, and one theory was that Marvel was ending the X-Men, just like it was ending the Fantastic Four. X-Men is still a hot property for Marvel, so doing that would be suicide.

Now Marvel has released a new artwork, teasing a new arc titled “Years of Future Past,” which seems to be the follow-up to “Days of Future Past.” The main mutant we see on the cover is Kitty Pryde, who was the one who time traveled in “Days of Future Past.” It will begin in the summer of 2015. This news comes after Marvel announced a “Civil War” reboot and “Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies,” both coming out in Summer 2015.

marvel x-men Years_of_Future_Past_2015

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Source: Marvel

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