Possible description of Star Wars: Episode VII villain concept art


Star Wars rumors are pouring in like crazy, and we’re still more than a year away until the release of Star Wars: Episode VII from director J.J. Abrams. From rumored plot details about Luke Skywalker to the identities of the main protagonists, everything is up in the air. Now Making Star Wars says that they have seen 2 concept art pieces of an armored and helmeted villain with a lightsaber. They pretty much summed it as “Darth Vader if he were a ninja.”

Possible spoilers ahead.

Here’s the description:

“The helmeted figure faces left. This is a profile picture. The black cape flows outwards and the figure is in an attack stance, lightsaber held out in front, with both hands on the hilt. The lightsaber is red and has some motion to it as if it was just swung. Everything is black, the gloves, the pants, the boots, the mask. The helmet looks like a samurai helmet. If you took Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and removed all the ornate additions from the helmet, you could have something similar. The back is kind of like Vader’s helmet but it is short, it just protects the back of the head, leaving the neck exposed. The face is covered. But you can see the eyes. This costume is Darth Vader if he were a ninja. Where the eye holes are, there is some light colored design. It has a good vibe about it. It reminds me of Shredder, a little bit of someone from Cobra in the old G.I. Joe and he has a black flowing cloak and red lightsaber which makes it look very cool.”


So who could be playing this character. The site says that it could possibly be Adam Driver, the antagonist, or Luke Skywalker if he were to turn to the dark side.

The image below is not an actual artwork from the movie, but shows expanded universe character Darth Bane, whose helmet is similar to the description.

Source: Making Star Wars

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