Is a crowdfunded X-Files coming?


In an interview with Bloomberg, Gillian Anderson said she is open to doing a crowdfunded X-Files movie. She also expressed that some of the folks who she worked with on the show wants to do it and want to reunite at some point.

Anderson said:

David, I, and Chris, our executive producer and creator, all are interested in coming together again in some format.

She was asked if crowdfunding was another option to get this movie off the floor. She answered:

We could crowdfund an X-Files movie. Yeah. That ultimately is what’s keeping it from happening, other than Fox giving the go ahead, which is not a small issue. But yeah, crowdfunding’s a good idea.

People should temper their hopes because as she said Fox is a major force of this movie from being made. So I hope Fox sees this opportunity to greenlight this movie. With the recent success of Veronica Mars being a crowdfunded movie, one can hope this show can bring in similar amount of publicity and following.

I will for sure wait until more news is out about a crowdfunded X-Files movie. But if there were to be one I will throw as much money into it as I can. Were you a fan of X-Files? Will you support a crowdfunded movie?

Source: Bloomberg

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