Marvel’s Civil War is going to happen again in 2015

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Marvel has announced that Civil War will be coming out in Summer 2015.

If you have been reading the current arcs for some of the Marvel comics, then you may know that Captain America and Iron Man are not seeing eye to eye once again.

If you forgot what the story was on the previous Civil War, let’s take a stroll back. Civil War started after the Superhero Registration Act was passed, with Iron Man backing the act. The Act forced heroes to register their secret identities and work for S.H.I.E.L.D. If they don’t follow the rules, they were to be marked as outlaws. Some went along with it but other fought it. One of the biggest heroes opposed to such an act was Captain America. From there all hell broke loose.

Now will this tie-in to the newly announce Secret Wars? I don’t know. They will be released the same time, but other than the information and picture, we know nothing else. However, it’s odd that Marvel is announcing it as Civil War #1, which is confusing since the previous Civil War arc had the same name.We will update you as information is released.

Were you a fan of the previous Civil War arc? And will you follow this new one?

Civil War 2015

Source: Marvel

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