‘A Brief History of Time Travel’ gets a Kickstarter


If you’re like me, you have probably wondered what it would be like to have a time machine. Whether it be TARDIS or Delorean, I think all of us have wished for another shot at the past, or a glimpse of the future. But have you ever wondered why we’re so fascinated with time travel? Filmmakers Gisella Bustillos, Wanda Bertram and Dani Creech intend on answering that very question with the Kickstarter for their new film A Brief History of Time Travel.

The film takes a look at our fascination with time travel from different perspectives, weaving in discussions of atomic research, cryonics and the real nuts and bolts of how time travel would actually work. The film also gives us the perspective of those working in the creative fields of music and fiction, and how the subject of traveling through time has affected our culture. Featuring interviews with physicists, musicians, game designers as well as cultural luminaries, A Brief History of Time Travel looks both interesting and fun.

The filmmakers have a Kickstarter for A Brief History of Time Travel which is now in its final days of running. This fundraising effort is meant to finish post production, helping to purchase film rights for footage, as well as buttoning up the editing, art and insurance for the film.

Take a look at A Brief History of Time Travel’s Kickstarter page HERE. It has glowing endorsements from both Tim Schafer (Psychonauts) and Bill Nye (The Science Guy).

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