Marvel Comics confirms the end of the Fantastic Four

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It was teased during New York Comic Con that Fantastic Four was going to end. We saw an image saying “The end is FOURever.” It’s Sunday, the last day of the convention, and during the “Axel-In-Charge” panel with Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, Fantastic Four writer James Robinson confirms that the Fantastic Four comic book series will be going away for a while, according to CBR.

“The book is reverting to its original numbers, and the book is going away for a while. I’m moving towards the end of ‘Fantastic Four.'”

“I just want to reassure people that you will not leave this book with a bad taste in your mouth,” the writer continued.

The end will start with Fantastic Four #642 when it releases in January.

Some think that this is Marvel’s way to spite Fox for still having the rights to the Fantastic Four. Perhaps Marvel just wants to end the series because sales aren’t doing too well?

What do you guys think of the news? Do you think Marvel is focusing on their more popular titles, or do you think it is trying to sabotage Fox’s efforts to bringing more Fantastic Four films in theaters?

Source: CBR

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