Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Akagi (figure review)


If there’s something Japan’s been obsessed with lately, it’s personified battleships. Since last year, Kantai Collection (or “Kancolle” for short) has become one of Japan’s most popular online games. Available only in Japan, the game has amassed over 2.2 million users which is impressive when you consider not everyone can register to play the game immediately. In a little over a year’s time, Kantai‘s fandom has grown astronomically with an upcoming anime and a huge influx of merchandise. And who to satisfy the figure hunger from none other than Good Smile Company.


The first of these is an adorable Nendoroid of the 1st Division Aircraft Carrier, Akagi! The picture to the left is how she appears in the game. She’s a fairly tall girl draped in traditional Japanese archery garb. The large shield looking object on her side is actually the runway from the battleship. Her fighter planes are morphed into the arrows you see behind her. To round our her naval defining characteristics are the hull-like sandals she wears. She has a gentle expression that hides her lethal aim.

You wouldn’t think she originally looked like this in the past:


That deck looks awfully familiar… (Source: Wikipedia)



We’ll stop with the info dump here and get back to what really is important: Nendoroids!


Nendoroid #391: Akagi
Series: Kantai Collection
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Availability: Now


It even comes with a table! A goddamn TABLE. Flippin’ awesome!

What really attracted me at first are the contents that come with her. This Nendoroid is packed with cute props to pose with. So much that they had to move all the joint parts onto another separate plastic holder. In fact, it wouldn’t be complete without them. What’s great about Good Smile is that they really research the characters in order to really show off their personality (or in this case a lot of fan-created lore). Every prop certainly helps make the character. For example, Akagi often is the butt of many food jokes in the fleet. (Thanks to her unrelenting appetite for bauxite.) Here’s another look with most of the props spread out:


Welcome to my kitche playground!

All the details on the props are certainly well done without any stray marks of paint. I suppose it’s a real testament to how amazing Good Smile’s quality control really is. She comes with a standard Nendoroid base that helps keep her up. As such, the great thing about standard connectors is you can also mix and match with other Nendoroids. However that comes with its own issues as well. As is the usual problems with Nendoroids, Akagi is really hard to stand upright on her own without some kind of support thanks to the large size of their heads.


Basic standing pose.

Everything, even down to her little shoes are painted with remarkable craftsmanship. Her color scheme is nailed down pretty well. Small details like the Japanese “ア” (The “A” in Akagi) are rendered perfectly onto her dress. Even her sandals are given just enough little markings to emulate her original art. Her right arm has a knob that allows you attach the landing deck. There is a little bit of difficulty with posing once you do attach it as it begins to restrict the amount of range of the arm can move so that must be kept in mind. The bow is actually not a single prop but two halves that attached to the top and bottom of one of the hands. Pretty clever way to make a bow if you ask me. This also prevents the bow from accidentally snapping in half should any thing happen. Once she dons her battle gear, she really begins to give off a refined warrior vibe.


You’re gonna sleep with the fishes if you steal her food

Because Nendoroids lack any joints save for the legs, most of the options are limited to hand gestures that come with the box. This makes posing Nendoroids without the base fairly tricky. Traditionally, Nendoroids are often left standing on their feet or sitting in an awkward “L” position unless they are given a special base. For Akagi especially, little things like her side bangs more often than not get in the way of turning her head for any kind of pose. Luckily, Akagi has more than enough stuff to get something going. One prop I really love was the knee position that allows her to sit in seiza. Along with the cushion, it’s a huge change in posing allowing for some truly unique sitting shots. With a little creativity, you can probably adapt it for other nendoroids as well.


“Look Ma! No feet!”

Akagi is the first in a line (along with Destroyer Shimakaze) of Kancolle nendoroids being released by Good Smile Company. Right out of the box, we’re treated to a cornucopia of extras that’s rarely seen in Nendoroids. If I were to have any qualms, articulation aren’t exactly the strong points of the Nendoroid series, but GSC has added a lot of extra detachable arms and hands to achieve your desired effect. Kancolle fans would do themselves a favor to pick up this gluttonous cutie without sinking their wallets.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A


And for my next trick, I will make these planes disappear! (into my mouth)

Figure was provided graciously for review by ABCTOY4ME. They’re currently running a figure sweepstakes for seven cute figures (including this one) which you can find on their Facebook page. (Ends October 12, 2014)

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