NYCC 2014: Hanging out with the Bob’s Burgers cast

bobs burgers

By Joshua Kaye

Following up the early Disney panel, there was no way in my mind that Bob’s Burgers would be able to match the showcase Disney put on. You know what? They didn’t have to. The loyal fans of Bob’s Burgers weren’t there wanting clips or a preview of an episode or anything like that. They just wanted the chance to spend time with a family they’ve come to love and admire. While producer Loren Bouchard did provide three clips of future episodes, the panel was just a fun time with a lot of laughs.


With Bouchard moderating the panel for his own show, he introduced cast members John Roberts (Linda), H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Kristen Schaal (Louise), Eugene Herman (Gene), Bobby Tisdale (Zeke), and Larry Murphy (Teddy). Unfortunately, Dan Mintz (Tina) was unable to make it to Comic Con, so to replace him, there was a giant, seven-foot Tina on the stage the whole time.

After introducing the cast and talking with them for a bit, Bouchard played the three clips from three future episodes that we can expect to see sometime soon. In the 1st clip, Linda accidentally had her hair dyed blonde and so now she decides to have fun with it and roleplay every chance she gets. Linda, with her blonde hair, tries to seduce and distract Bob while he’s cooking. Bob, being the “professional” he is, tries to ignore Linda but is unsuccessful when she hits him in the eye with her hair.

With the second clip, the animation wasn’t actually done but the voices were recorded and there were sketches made and created already. Bob has gotten into still-life nude paintings (not sure as to the reason) and has to paint Edith, the elderly woman who owns the art store Reflections and can be described as a nemesis to Bob.

In the third clip, Bob and Linda are at a cooking competition and they’re in need of black garlic. Back at the restaurant, Louise, Gene, and Tina are on the phone with their parents and Gene is explaining how he accidentally fell shirt first on the black garlic. Bob insists that the three of them go to a fancy boutique store and pick up black garlic — but the three children have been banned for life for arguing with the owner over his expensive prices.

After all three clips, Bouchard gives a little bit of insight into what we can expect as the season goes on. The next episode airing will be a Halloween episode, there will be the usual Thanksgiving episode and the big news: the Christmas episode will feature Bob’s estranged father. We’ve heard a little about the relationship between Bob and his father so it’ll be rather exciting to see how this plays out come Christmas. There really wasn’t much else in the way of news or anything else — just some fan Q&A and a lot of laughs.

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