Destiny’s Iron Banner event is ‘pointless, poorly designed, lazy, and falsely advertised’


In what could only be described as a monumental blunder for Bungie and Activision, Destiny’s Iron Banner event receives unprecedented dislike throughout the game’s online community. Many have begun to question the title’s future content, and the validity of Bungie’s promises for the next 10 years. While I’ve only been able to play roughly 20 matches myself thus far, I’ve also come to a similar conclusion. The Iron Banner is in all essence, a re-skinned Crucible faction, with nothing of value to any Guardian over the level of 28.

” I want to be here with your team in year 10. But the way things are headed right this moment, I’m worried you guys won’t make the end of year one…” says Austacker

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a post meant to cry out over the “unfairness” in the Iron Banner. I’ve placed first in all but two of my 20 matches, while hating every second of it. There are three fundamental flaws with the event that needed to be addressed before its launch.

1. Bungie lied to us about the event

The Iron Banner was advertised as a rewarding experience for Guardians who’ve fanatically cleared high level content and upgraded their gear. We expected something different in Bounties but were again let down. A lack of new maps or modes make Iron Banner matches absolutely indistinguishable from average Control.

In essence, attack and defense modifiers were supposed to play a huge role in the Iron Banner. Instead the difference in damage between a level 4 is almost negligible to a fully geared 30, clearly demonstrated in the following video.

2. The “rewards” are utterly useless for anyone over level 28

We remember the first E3 gameplay demo where Bungie showed off some great drops off a small boss fight, and explained how loot-envy would separate your Guardian from the masses. We’re not surprised that so many people are level 30 already, since some haven’t left their console since release. What we’re truly disappointed by is the terrible quality of the event’s rewards. Not only are they extremely rare (some who’ve reached rank 3 claim not to have seen a single legendary reward) but are equal in quality to regular crucible gear.

(Note: Dismantling items from this event yields no Ascendant materials, making them even further useless) 

This is supposed to be the top tier in PVP for this game, yet while the Vault of Glass (recently 2 manned) offers new, exciting content and gear that will get you to 30, all that the Iron Banner offers is useless legendary items identical to those bought from reputation vendors, with a slight re-skin.

3. The point system lacks any logical design, and promotes leavers

This issue, to me, is hands down the most perplexing and annoying problem with the Iron Banner. I’ve had my entire team leave within less than a minute of most matches where our “team” was losing by 400-500 points. I’ve also experienced the winning side, where we take the lead and within a minute are versing one lonely Guardian, abandoned by his comrades.

I am astounded as to how this one slipped by Bungie during design. In fact, this f**k up makes me question not only the capabilities of the studio, but the game’s future life span. Being left behind by your teammates after a slight disadvantage is an absolutely demoralizing, detestable, and outright shitty experience. If it happened every now and then, I would understand. 6/20 games I had this happen to me. It was the first time that I put down my controller and said ” I’m done ” with the longest, drawn out sigh of my life.

In the end, I now share a very similar outlook on Destiny to redditor Web3d.

I really like this game, I do. But it’s getting harder and harder to defend it.

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