Arrow Season 3 premiere: ‘The Calm’ recap and review

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Major spoilers ahead for Arrow Season 3 episode 1, “The Calm.”

Alright, boys and girls, the third season of Arrow has debuted, and it did not disappoint one bit. It’s action packed (like always) and features a new villain (Peter Stormare) taking the name of Vertigo (he’s very similar to the Scarecrow in that his drug is able to make the victim see things). It’s barely the first episode, but we already have heartaches and death. I have three words to summarize the premiere: So many feels.

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Things are looking great for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his team. As the Arrow, he’s got a new retractable bow, and now Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), who is now a police captain, has put an end to a division responsible for finding and capturing Arrow. His private life seems to be getting back to normal, as we see him and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) getting extra flirty with each other. Plus, Diggle (David Ramsey) is now going to be a father. As for Roy Harper, he gets to don a red outfit as Arsenal. (He’s got a smaller role this time around.)

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As we all know, all good things come to an end. Vertigo vows to kill Arrow and he attacks Oliver by shooting an RPG at a restaurant where he was on a date with Felicity. Yes, they’re finally going on a date, and this had to happen. The leads to Oliver quickly putting up walls around him and wanting to prevent his team from getting hurt. Diggle wants to help capture Vertigo, but Oliver tells him he can’t because he’s going to be a father.

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Queens Consolidated is in need of backers, and Oliver has some competition with Ray Palmer, played by newcomer Brandon Routh. Yes, Superman returns to DC…but as a new superhero. (Mind blown!) If you don’t know Ray Palmer, he becomes The Atom, a superhero with similar abilities to Marvel’s Ant-Man. Routh plays him as a somewhat creepy (he stalks Felicity) but “adorkable” character. Palmer was able to show off his tech and persuasion skills.

Vertigo was able to cause a bit of drama, but in the end, the Arrow puts a stop to the villain with the surprise help from Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), aka Canary. It seems like she was able to escape the clutches of the League of Assassins again.

Alright, let’s get to the juicy bits. Oliver has confessed to Felicity that he loves her, but you know he wants to break it off because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Felicity says that she’s tired of being a yo-yo, which leads to Oliver going for the kiss. Years of sexual tension has lead to me jumping out of my seat to cheer for the kiss. Sadly, the romantic relationship won’t last, as Felicity walks away, leaving Oliver alone in the hospital after visiting Diggle and his newborn baby.

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The craziness doesn’t end there. Canary is on a rooftop after meeting up with her sister, Laurel. After she leaves, Canary is confronted by a mysterious figure. We don’t see him on-screen, but we do hear a deep voice with her asking him what he’s doing here. An arrow then pierces her stomach. Okay, she’s hurt, but I’m thinking she can live through this. Then two more arrows enter her body. I’m starting to worry but am still hopeful she’ll be okay in the end. All hope fades when she falls off the tall building and onto the concrete. Her wig falls off, and her hair is covered in blood. Laurel witnesses the death and runs towards her sister, holding onto her and crying. Now that’s a cliffhanger.

Let’s have a moment of silence for Canary.

I’m still speechless now. The episode was able to deliver on the intensity, the love and the fears. Will Laurel take the mantle of Canary to avenge her sister’s death? How will Oliver react to this, since so many of the people he cared about has died. First it was his dad, then his best friend Tommy, then his mom, and now Sara. Most importantly, who’s the mysterious figure? All signs are pointing to Ra’s al Ghul.

What did you guys think about the premiere episode for Season 3? Sound off below!

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