How a viral YouTube video cost Apple 23 billion dollars

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Despite moving 10 million new iPhone devices in the latest launch, Apple is still recovering from a 23 billion dollar loss of stock. To put that into perspective, that loss equals to about half of all individual S&P stocks combined. There were many factors that contributed to this landslide, but the greatest was none other than a YouTube video that went viral demonstrating the bendiness of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Coverage of the lines outside Apple Stores soon became headlines about the structural vulnerability of the $600+ devices. Comedians like Conan O’Brien took his cue, as well as other advertisers poking fun at Apple.

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Apple then started to protect its brand in a series of rebuttals stating that only 9 customers so far have contacted Apple for bent device replacements, a facry from the over 10 million devices sold. Apple also opened its doors to CNBC in a rare open disclosure of the rigorous quality control tests.

In the latest twist of events, conspiracy theories started to surface, most notably calling the original YouTube Bend video into question. On the sub-reddit /r/apple/, user Akrosdabay points out that the original YouTube Bend video was likely doctored due to the visible time on the iPhone jumping backwards. To this time there seems to be no counter-explanation from the Bendgate originators, but as with all other conspiracy theories, we may very well be stuck in a perpetual limbo. Those who wanted attention already got it and Bendgate is fast coming to a close just a week after it started. Until we, ourselves, become victim to this… well, you best hope you are still under warranty.

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