Destiny’s first PVP event: The Iron Banner – Everything you need to know!


In what can only be described as a fiery, glorious massacre, the Iron Banner PvP event is now LIVE on all Destiny servers. For those who remember the Iron Banner from beta, it’s basically a slightly different version of The Crucible (Control) where gear and weapon levels are supposed to divide the truly devoted from those seeking casual PvP. So what exactly is the Iron Banner, and what loot awaits for those brave enough to face an army of Mythoclast/Suros wielding level 30s?

While the Iron Banner may not be especially unique, the rewards are actually quite easy to achieve. Reaching rank one only takes 120 reputation, and can reached with one good win. Here’s how to get those sweet, sweet rewards, and what’s really worth your time and effort.

(Note: The buff from Nightmare Strike weekly completion will NOT increase reputation gain with the Iron Banner)

(Note: None of the Gear obtained from the Iron Banner will propel you past level 29 and is lower level than raid gear)

Before even beginning, make sure you actually want something from this event from the following possible rewards:


Weapon Type Strengths Weaknesses
 Efrideet’s Spear Sniper Rifle Impact, Range Rate of Fire, Stability, Magazine
 Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun Impact, Range, Magazine Rate of Fire, Stability, Equip/Reload, Ammo
 Gheleon’s Demise Scout Rifle Impact, Range Rate of Fire, Stability
 Jolder’s Hammer Machine Gun Impact, Range Rate of Fire, Stability, Magazine, Ammo
 Perun’s Fire Fusion Rifle Charge Rate, Equip/Reload Impact, Magazine, Stability, Range
 Radegast’s Fury Rocket Launcher Blast Radius, Velocity Rate of Fire, Stability, Magazine
 Silimar’s Wrath Auto Rifle Rate of Fire, Balanced Impact, Range, Stability
 Skorri’s Revenge Pulse Rifle Rate of Fire, Magazine, Recoil Impact, Range, Equip/Reload
 Timur’s Lash Hand Cannon Impact, Range Rate of Fire, Stability, Recoil


Hunter Titan Warlock
 Iron Regalia Mask  Iron Regalia Great Helm  Iron Regalia Hood
 Iron Regalia Sleeves  Iron Regalia Gauntlets  Iron Regalia Gloves
 Iron Regalia Vest  Iron Regalia Plate  Iron Regalia Vestments
 Iron Regalia Boots  Iron Regalia Greaves  Iron Regalia Boots


Class Shaders Emblems Ships
 Jolder’s Iron Sash  Goldspiral  Sigil of the Iron Lords  Birth of History
 Mantle of Gheleon  Million Million  Scar of Radegast  
 Skorri’s Iron Bond


I want it all, how do I get it?!

1. Your first stop should be the Bounty Board, where new orders await.
Pick up a few of these and head back into orbit. After a few (or one) matches you should have hit rank one and can now begin the long loading process of returning to The Tower.

2. Now, you want to buy both the shader AND emblem from the quartermaster located in the same area we saw the Queen’s Emissary vendor. (5k Glimmer for both.)

Equipping both will increase your Iron Banner rep earnings by 20%. An Iron Banner Crucible win with both the shader and emblem equipped will net you 30 rep (up from 25 without), you can also wear a faction class item and earn rep for that faction at the same time. This means that until you’ve reached rank 2, you’ll want to slap on that Dead Orbit or New Monarchy class item.

3. When you reach rank 2, equipping the Iron Banner class item will boost your rep gains by another 10%. This is what we’re looking for, maximum progression speed. Since this event will only last for one week, it feels much more dependent on time constraints.

So you’ve begun the climb to rank 3 with a 30% bonus, completion of at least 3-4 daily bounties, and some wins. This should be absolutely possible.

But I don’t have 1337 lvl-30 gear or a Mythoclast, i’ll get so rekt!


Some guy QQ-ing.

More people QQ.

If you’ve been QQ-ing and now want one.

While Bungie would have you believe that gear makes a monumental difference in the Iron Banner, it’s actually entirely minuscule. A few good headshots with a Suros will put down both a level 30 and his 29 buddy in seconds. Surprisingly it isn’t much of a difference from much lower level characters, aside from an extra body shot here and there required to put down a “Clasting” Cu**.

Hit hard, hit fast, and ‘nade your heart out, Guardians.

Most of all, don’t be afraid. While the Iron Banner may be intimidating at first, it has neither an entry fee or punishment for losing, much like the rest of Destiny. Cya’ in the grinder.

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