Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 opening night experience

Last night, Nerd Reactor’s John and I had the opportunity to make it out to the opening night of Knott’s Scary Farm. The opening night had so many activities to do, so many shows to see, and was beyond incredible. They had plenty of events to keep you busy, and we barely had any time to sit down. So, let’s talk about the journey we took!

First stop, the Spec Ops: Infected zombie shooting course! It’s the first thing we did, and honestly was my favorite, since everything zombie-related just makes me happy. For this course, we were put in a group of about 12. They gave us guns, and we were off into the abyss with our squad leaders, who led us through the obstacles we had to overcome to get to safety. In the process, we were chased by the infected, who did an amazing job at making me believe they were real. It’s like they really wanted to eat my flesh! Their makeup, acting, and ability to scare the living hell out of me literally made the course all worth it.

Infected:Knott's Scary Farm

Throughout the zone, we had to stop at certain places to find keys, codes, and contact our main bases. They really interacted with us, and made us work! By the end of it, I was all sweaty and gross! But it’s all in the name of zombies, right? This is something I HIGHLY recommend doing if you get a chance to go to Knott’s Scary Farm. Please, for my sake, go buy tickets to it and let me know you enjoyed it. Hopefully you will as much as I did!

Next up, we stopped at a maze called Gunslinger’s Grave. Now, the park gives people the option to pay a bit extra to get a “secret key,” which allows you to go through a secret room and go through a whole different experience. Guys, these keys are really worth it. When your group gets taken in and the whole thing starts, the actors totally interact with you. Gunslinger’s Grave was Western themed, and my first reaction was that I was just in an episode of Firefly with more blood. I won’t let you know too much about the secret parts because that’s why they’re a secret! But what I can tell you is that the actors were absolutely fantastic and did a perfect job of making me feel like I was in a Western film. This specific maze was my favorite of them all, so please go check it out!

After that, we made our way over to yet another maze. This time, we tuned in for a bit of Black Magic at Faux’s Majestic Theater where we brought Houdini back from the dead. (You know, as you do.) We used our secret key once again to get a better feel for the maze. Like I said before, so worth it. We sat at a table, joined our hands together, and contacted the great magician. He, however, was not too happy about that. After that the entire maze turned into what felt like a crazy carnival. With lots of magic, card games, and scary people screaming at me. At one point, we even watched a small show where a man did loads of card tricks, which was pretty awesome. I loved the theme of the maze, and the costumes were beautiful. Thanks to this maze, I won’t be contacting Houdini anytime soon.

The Hanging - Knott's Scary Farm

We managed to catch a performance just on time after the Black Magic maze. The Hanging was my second favorite thing. It had lots of blood, adult humor, and it makes fun of all things pop culture. The point of the performance was that the two main characters, dressed as if they were from a Western film, wanted to have their annual hanging. The parody version of The Agents of Shield, however, wanted to prevent that from happening. The two main guys were going to go through with it anyways, but needed a sacrifice obviously. They were on a mission to find someone well hated. Yes, that’s right folks, we were on a mission to find Justin Bieber.

Throughout the rest of the show, we went through many fights, celebrities, and deaths to find Mr. Bieber. The stunts that they all pulled off were amazing. Everything was on point and definitely got me entertained the entire time. The acting was also fantastic, along with the humor that they provided. It was almost hard for me to keep the camera still due to laughing. If you go and get a chance to see this show, please do it. It is so worth it.

knott's scary farm Elvira_Boo-tique4

After that show, it was only natural that we checked out the lady of the night’s show. That’s right, Elvira’s show. We were a tad bit late, but we made it on time to see a male performer, who was dressed as an insane asylum patient, who swallowed swords. It was so hard for me to watch! I can’t imagine how much all of that would hurt. It looked super cool, though! I can’t even begin to explain to you how much respect I have for this guy. He swallowed sword after sword! Lastly, he blew up a balloon that you would use for balloon animals, and swallowed the entire thing. (Mind you, it was about 2 feet long.) Where did it go? I have no idea but he didn’t take it out! Perhaps it just deflated inside of him. Oh well, I’ll never know!

Other acts included an entire dance team, who were really good. I really enjoyed watching their performances. They were dressed as puppets and had strings that hooked to the bottoms of their feet up to their hands. They even had some guys on proper strings that lifted them into the air.

One girl could dislocate things in her body that I didn’t even knew existed. That was also hard for me to watch, but that’s the point! She was absolutely mesmerizing. Bending this way and that. She even managed to fit three tennis rackets around her waist and take them off, while they were all connected together. She exited by folding herself into a small box, and shutting the top. Claustrophobic if you ask me, but amazing nonetheless.

The entire show had the lovely Elvira hosting, and she is just stunning. She was funny, beautiful, and well, Elvira. She even invited someone onto stage and played a game with them. At one point, she came on stage rapping to her own version of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J’s hit song “Bang Bang.” She was so fun to watch. I’ve never seen one of her shows before, and now I can officially say that I know what everyone was talking about!

knott's scary farm BlackMagic_WartHead

We then managed to make our way over to one last maze – Dominion of the Damned. We took our secret keys once more, and made our way to the first room. It reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors, filled with plants. The first actor came out and was insane for plants. He asked for a volunteer, which ended up being me. I had to offer a heart to one of his “children.” After, I got soaked with water, which was kind of cool since it got really hot. We were then lead through another maze which seemed to be vampire themed. It was super scary, and the vampires even looked real. Not sparkly!

Before we made our way out, we had to stop at one last attraction. The GhostRider roller coaster. Now, trust me when I say I really underestimated how fast this thing was! It’s a large wooden roller coaster; it can be seen practically anywhere you go in the park. I was super hyped for it, and when it finally took off (holy crap!), it was to die for. I love roller coasters, and this one definitely has to be my new favorite. Although, I think John screamed more than I did. Ending the night with that was the the best way to do so.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to make it to all of the events, which sucks for us. It’s a good on the park because that just means they have so many things for you to do that you won’t ever get bored. From the actors who walked around the park constantly scaring people to shooting zombies, Knott’s Scary Farm is now one of my favorites. I had never been before, and I’m so happy I got the chance to go. I will for sure be attending next year. I hope you guys go too! It’s definitely worth the effort and is perfect for this Halloween season.

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