The Purge: Breakout comes to L.A. this Halloween season

the purge

I’m a fan of horror experiences, and Los Angeles is definitely the place to be when the Halloween season hits. From interactive theatre experiences like Delusion to haunted attractions like Knott’s Scary Farm and Haunted Halloween Sports, it’s a great time for horror fans. Now The Purge: Breakout is returning to L.A. in October.

What is The Purge: Breakout? It’s an immersive escape-game experience based on The Purge franchise. I haven’t had a chance to check this event out yet, but I have experienced The Purge interactive maze experience last year. I know some aren’t fans of it, but I like to compare it as being in a survival action film. For the Breakout, a small group will be trapped inside a demented torturer’s house, and the group will have only 30 minutes to find a way to escape by solving complicated puzzles and clues. (Only a few escape.) It’s based on the popular escape room adventures all around the U.S. and Asia.

The Purge: Breakout starts on October 2nd at 2323 Beverly Blvd and will be opened Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5pm-midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 4pm-midnight. For more information and tickets please go to:

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