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One of the titles I have been looking forward to was Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for only $14.99 and came with a copy of the mini crossover title Mighty Gunvolt. I am pretty happy I got to this game last to fully enjoy the experience.

If you don’t know Inti Creates, you may have heard of some games they have developed like Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and the Mega Man Zero/XZ series. That’s right, Inti Creates worked closely with Capcom and Keiji Inafune on the Mega Man series, and Azure Striker Gunvolt uses many familiar concepts players will enjoy in this game.

In the future, beings with special abilities have emerged. The high-powered conglomerate known as the Sumeragi Group has tasked itself with capturing these beings to bring peace. What people don’t know is that the captured beings are being tested on and being used as tools.

You play as Gunvolt, who is given the mission to destroy the Sumeragi’s ultimate weapon. He finds out it is a young girl named Joule, who is being forced to use her powers against her will and decides to save her rather than kill her. This causes him to leave his group and take on the life of a mercenary. Gunvolt ends up working for his old group by taking jobs to slow down or destroy Sumeragi bases.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is an action-based game that Mega Man fans will enjoy with an RPG element. As Gunvolt defeats his enemies, he’ll be able to rack up skill points and raise his life bar. Similar to Mega Man, he will be facing up against 8 different bosses, each with their own unique powers (One can even revive the dead.).


Gunvolt is equipped with a gun, however the gun really does little to no damage. Instead it marks his enemies to unleash his true power as he summons a large field of electricity around him. Any enemy or object marked by his shots will see bolts of lightning quickly targeting them and dealing massive damage. Gunvolt can even unlock special skills which give him certain boosts or attacks. These are unlocked by completing a stage with a high score and unlocked or creating a skill or ability.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a fun game that fans of the Mega Man Zero series will feel right at home with. Inti Creates does what it knows best, and that is creating awesome action titles. The button layout can take a while to get used to, since now your main focus is spamming Gunvolt’s lighting abilities while dodging and attacking, but thanks to his ability to equip different gun skills and equipment, you can find some unique abilities that will help you in this adventure.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Azure Striker Gunvolt
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Inti Creates
System: Nintendo 3DS
Release: August 29, 2014

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