Real ghost stories for your Halloween

It’s that time of year when people dress up in spooky or slutty costumes, then go door-to-door asking for candy. However despite the frightening/craziness of the costumes, parties, and eating

Contest: Exclusive Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon Hoodies Giveaway

With Marvel mania at an all time high, especially with the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer and Marvel announcing Phase 3, we have teamed up with TV Store

X-Men’s Gambit, starring Channing Tatum, gets a writer

Channing Tatum is set to star in Gambit, a film following a mutant named Gambit who has the power to charge up items and turn them into kinetic energy. Penning the

Felicity Smoak’s mom is looking smoakin’ on Arrow

In Arrow, Oliver Queen’s mom is considered a MILF to many fans. Now we get to see Felicity Smoak’s mom, and guess what, she’s definitely going to be a MILF to

Videogame BANG! Episode 56: Marvel Spooktacular

What’s up, Boo-Berry Pizzas?! And Bitch you guessed it! Halloween is today and this is our Halloween Spooktacular: Marvel Edition Episode. Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies get a first look

Seth Grahame-Smith is an author who had his book, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, turned into a live-action film. Now his other book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, will also be turned

Victor Zsasz comes to Gotham November 3rd

Gotham will be introducing Victor Zsasz in the next episode that will air on Monday, November 3rd, on Fox at 8pm ET/PT. This past week’s episode had Gordon in trouble

Supergirl TV series to have Cyborg Superman and Jimmy Olsen as a sex symbol?

Photo manip by Jeffach Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of The Flash and Arrow, is currently working on Supergirl for CBS. It has been reported that they are currently looking for

Christopher Nolan doesn’t think he’ll return to superhero movies

Christopher Nolan has done something very special to the world of superhero movies. We’ve had movies before with some serious subject matter, like X-Men with its topic about equality, but Nolan created the

Arrow’s Stephen Amell wants Grant Gustin to be the Flash on the big screen

The DC movie and TV universes are separate, since the producers wanted the movies to strictly be free of any TV influences, and vice versa. However, that doesn’t change the fact

Top 5 PC/console games for a horrifying Halloween

Horror gaming has been a tradition among my friends and I where we try to finish off every successful night of Halloween action. There are tons of titles out there

Devilish deals from restaurants during Halloween

Halloween is a day where kids get all the treats when they hit up the neighborhood. Well, now some restaurants/fast food joints are jumping on the bandwagon of offering discounts

Fan-made Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope trailer looks amazing

We’ve gotten the live-action adaptations of Dragon Ball before, but they never give the series the love it deserved…until now. The guys from Robot Underdog have decided to to create

Metal Gear Solid 2 Solid Snake Figma figure

We’ve seen images of the Solid Snake Nendroid before, and now we get a better look at the Solid Snake Figma which will be available in May next year. Supervised

Kill la Kill Satsuki Kiryuin: Senketsu Version PVC coming in June 2015

Kill la Kill fans have something to look forward to next summer as Good Smile Company has revealed an upcoming Satsuki Kiryuin PVC Statue that will be released in June 2015.

How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Should Have Ended is creepy and funny

With the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer released, many people were terrified of Ultron’s voice referencing a Pinocchio song by saying, “I’ve got no strings on me.” Now the

Watch Final Fantasy XV’s 10-minute open world gameplay video

Ready for an open world Final Fantasy game? Check out the 10-minute gameplay video from Final Fantasy XV featuring the game’s open world. The video starts off as the gang

Marvel teases Avengers vs. X-Men (kid version) for Summer 2015

Avengers vs. X-Men is the recent big arc from the Marvel Comics world, and the company has teased an image featuring kid versions of the Avengers and the X-Men. Like

Halloween Movie Drinking Guide

So it’s Halloween and you’re too lazy to get up and give candy to kids, but just motivated enough to go down to the liquor store and get some booze

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is happening this weekend!

We have big conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con, and then we have a rising star with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. Now on its fourth year,