Will Manu Bennett return as Deathstroke in Arrow Season 3?

Manu Bennett (Spartacus Series, The Hobbit Trilogy) as Deathstroke is one of the best things about the second season of CW’s Arrow. If you loved Bennett in in the show, then

Fantastic Four reboot origin revealed?

Okay, so what do we know about the Fantastic Four reboot? We have info on the main cast, the direction of the film, and the new release date. What about

Gauntlet (PC review)

Gauntlet (2014) is the latest in the Gauntlet series on Steam, a game we haven’t seen in quite some time, 2005 to be exact. Now developed by Arrowhead Studios, this

More Sword Art Online for fans! Get the Extra Edition!

Aniplex presents the sequel to Sword Art Online and prequel to Sword Art Online II this December 23rd! They recently announced at Anime Weekend Atlanta that a release of the

Snow White vs. Elsa princess rap battle

Frozen is one of the most parodied and imitated on the Internet, and now we finally get a rap battle featuring Frozen’s Elsa that’s inspired from Epic Rap Battles of

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice addresses Superman’s destruction in Man of Steel

Many who have watched Man of Steel complained about Superman’s reckless behavior when trying to save the world. When fighting against Zod and his gang, Superman would grab, throw, punch them towards

Mature Content: Nerd Parenthood

We were sitting in the car when my wife handed me the test. She did this silently while staring forward. The two pink lines were unmistakable. I could feel the

Elsa cosplayer transforms to Snow Queen in epic Frozen skit

Anime Expo is the biggest anime convention in the nation that takes place during Fourth of July weekend. However, Europeans also have their own big anime convention during Fourth of

Dark Horse Comics – Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Statues review

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, I walked by the Dark Horse Comics booth to look at some of the upcoming items. Low and behold I saw Twilight Princess statues

Doctor Who: S8E7: “Kill the Moon” preview

Next week on Doctor Who, we will be seeing the Doctor and Clara on a mining base full of corpses and creatures and an decision that could affect the future

Mantis Shrimps can see cancer, scientists create Mantis Vision

So in the University of Australia, scientists have discovered that the Mantis Shrimp has compound eyes that allow it to detect healthy tissue versus cancerous tissue. Not to be outdone

Ben Affleck talks a bit more about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We’ve seen many images coming from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set showing off the Batmobile. We’ve also heard what Ben Affleck had to say about playing the

CW’s The Flash to get 3 extra minutes for pilot

Next week we’ll finally be able to see The Flash on the small screen again. The pilot has premiered during San Diego Comic-Con this year, and now CW has announced that

Kittens take over Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity will allow players to play 4-player co-op. Sadly, it won’t include 4 cute kittens as Assassins. The good news? YouTuber Mr.TVCow has created a video called Assassin’s

PlayStation Home is shutting down next year

That’s right, PlayStation 3 owners, PlayStation Home will be no more after March of next year. This news comes from PlayStation Forums where a “shifting landscape” is cited for stopping

Doorways: The Underworld PC (video review)

A few weeks ago, I posted a preview about Doorways: The Underworld, the third chapter in the Doorways survivor horror series. As Thomas Foster, you travel through the minds of

Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary event photos from Gallery Nucleus

Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, was the host to the opening reception event for Naughty Dog’s 30th anniversary event which showcased some amazing art from fans and Naughty Dog’s personal

Destiny: Strange bug reveals upcoming content in this video

YouTube user Kinsey_92 has had an interesting day when his Destiny client seemed to have bugged out and revealed every upcoming possible mission, strike and crucible zone that is to come. This could

A stormtrooper looking for Comic-Con love (video)

The Kilted Stormtrooper is just trying to look for love at a comic convention, but I guess he’s looking for love in Alderaan places. Will he find a match made

The Piano Guys perform epic Batman themes through the decades

Batman is a franchise with one of the most recognizable musical themes. Whether it’s the ’60s Batman TV series starring Adam West or the Tim Burton Batman films, these musicians