Weekend BANG! Episode 34: Video Game Reviews!

videogame bang

Sir Aaron Carter in the building with the Weekend Bang! Feeling like you don’t know what to play right now? Well the Weekend Bang is here to rectify that by giving you a few game reviews to give you an insight into the worlds of games. Cause we all know people don’t check the internet.

Cory, Steven, and oddly enough Alex join me as we cover just a small section of games that I believe should be reviewed in depth, mainly Destiny. We also cover a little gaming etiquette, your basic dos and don’ts, that might make you a better person when it comes to playing video games; most likely it won’t.

Can Sir Aaron Carter be more of a gentleman? Will Steven ever be good at video games? Will people ever get the full Destiny sandwich Bungie has promised? All that and more on this week’s criticizing episode of the Weekend Bang!

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