Who is left to be Taken? Find out in the new Taken 3 trailer released today

Taken 2
Apparently, someone in Hollywood got my letters. Because today, I discovered that, yes, there will be a Taken 3. So of course, I stopped everything I was doing today so that I could watch the fantastic newly released Taken 3 trailer about, oh a half dozen times. I’ve been an ardent fan of Liam Neesons from the first time he whispered in his hushed, yet oh-so-menacing voice to the unknown Albanian sex traffickers that took his daughter in the original Taken. And I’ve greatly enjoyed his career renaissance from Oscar Schindler and Kinsey to “nameless badass with particular sets of skills”.

By my count, Liam Neeson’s Brian Mills character from his iconic film Taken is out of family members to be taken. And yet, here we are, seeing what new kickassery Neeson will be delivering to a various assortment of bad guys. Only this time, he’s FIGHTING THE SYSTEM. Yes, Neeson has been accused of <SPOILER ALERT until you watch 20 seconds into the trailer> killing his wife. And now, he’s on the run, trying to clear his name, while dispensing his usual brand of vigilante justice. Sure, the cynical side of me could basically say, “They should have just called this The Fugitive 3 (All that was missing was Neeson screaming to Forrest Whittaker “I didn’t kill my wife!”). But I have a feeling we won’t be seeing a lot of methodical scenes of Neeson doing detective work to figure out who his “one armed man” is. More likely, he’ll glean relevant information about his wife’s murder from the gasping breaths of a henchman whose trachea he just crushed. And really, that’s what the Taken franchise is all about. Throw subtlety out the window, sit back, and enjoy Neeson do bad things to bad people for two hours.

Let me make this promise right now.  If this movie comes out in January 2015 as planned, I will look for it, I will find it, and I will watch it.

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