SteelSeries introduces its next generation Siberia Headsets

004-SteelSeries_siberialine_1000x575It’s been years since SteelSeries has released a new version of its famed Siberia line of headsets. Today they have done just that by announcing its next generation of Siberias. Its goal is to give you such comfortable headsets that you forget you have them on. Let’s take a look at the line up and see what’s you’ll be look forward to this holiday season.

Siberia v3

This is the core headset and will offer the iconic suspension design and will have brand new audio drivers. These new drivers should offer rich and detailed sound as well as some powerful bass. You also get noise-reducing memory foam ear cushions providing more sound isolation. They will be selling for $99.99

Siberia v3 Prism

The next level up from the analog Siberia v3, the v3 Prism adds the following features: Unlimited profile settings that can be saved and accessed from anywhere via SteelSeries CloudSync. Microphone Noise Suppression and Microphone Auto Compression technologies optimize voice communication work automatically. Lastly you also get ColorShift illumination effects and modes that can be set by the user, or triggered by game sounds and events. The v3 Prism will sell for $139.99.

Siberia Elite Prism

This fully upgraded Siberia Elite is meant to entice even the most selective of gamers. Boasting a new slimmer microphone, ear cushion refinement for that exact comfort level, an upgraded USB soundcard, Dolby Pro Logic IIx technologies for up to a virtual 7.1-channel surround sounds cape, and you’ll also be able to use it cross multiple platform like PC, Mac, and PS4! The Elite Prism will sell for $199.99.

Siberia RAW Prism

Last but not least is the entry level RAW Prism. This headset still brings that lightweight and comfort level you can expect from the Siberia line up. You’ll also have the power of the SteelSeries Engine Software allowing you to customize and backup audio profiles. The rings around each earcup also can be customized to illuminate up to 16.8 million different colors. You also get a built-in microphone on the left earcup, along with an easily accessible microphone mute button. A USB connection powers the Siberia RAW Prism, making it compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and more. The RAW Prism will sell for $59.99

Source: SteelSeries

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