Pharrell Williams shows off his otaku side in a new music video


Pharrell is no stranger to anime culture. Earlier this year, he helped remix Hatsune Miku’s Last Night, Good Night in a music video produced by famous Japanese designer Takashi Murakami and his Kaikai Kiki production company.

Today, the duo return with “It Girl”, a five-minute animated musical adventure that combines anime aesthetics, retro video games, watercolor rotoscopes, and dating sims. The video is chock full of references to earlier games like¬†side scrolling shooters,¬†platformers, with a bit of typical ren’ai anime girl archetypes.

I don’t know about you all, but something about anime girls on a summer road trip with a hip hop tune just speaks to me. (May or may not be a little creepy depending on your choice of girl.) In Pharrell’s case, the youngest seems to be a good choice.

A little warning though, the video is quite the visual overload so be careful if rapidly flashing colors isn’t your thing.

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