Haunted Hollywood Sports 2014

hhs-logo-blackAh, October. The month of horrors. With so many hauntings in the greater Los Angeles area, it’s tough to decide which to partake in for scare enthusiasts. Of course, there’s the large ones at the various amusement parks. No disrespect to them, but I always enjoy a bit more of an intimate experience.

Last year, Nerd Reactor was invited to a smaller event held at the Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft Park in Bellflower: Haunted Hollywood Sports. A few of us went and loved it so much, we returned with more of our staff. I personally went a total of three times throughout the month of October, so I was excited that we were invited back this year. I was anxious to see what changes and improvements they had made.

This year, Haunted Hollywood Sports has four mazes: Venom, Legends of Blackstar Canyon, Fort Bedlam: Zombie Reseach, and Fog Hollow. We were allowed to get a preview of Venom this past weekend and it’s even better than it was last year. I’m excited to return to try the others. They also have three killhouses in which you are outfitted in armor and a mask and given an airsoft gun to shoot zombies. We previewed the Zombie Killhouse. For attendees who are paintball or airsoft enthusiasts, it’s a blast. For people like me who don’t frequent the sport, it’s an interesting and welcomed rush of adrenalin. Other attractions include a rock wall, a shooting range, and a vendor village. They also have various entertainers roaming the park. My favorite this year was an illusionist who was allowing guests to staple money to him! The higher the denomination, the more tender the body area. I stapled a dollar to his chest with a staple gun. I still can’t figure out how it works.

Haunted Hollywood Sports runs Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the month of October beginning October 3rd. Gates open at 8pm. For more information and pricing, visit Haunted Hollywood Sports.

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