Gotham dips on second episode


Gotham premiered last week with 8 million viewers on Fox. These are good numbers, but when comparing it to CBS’ Scorpion (14 million), it’s a little sad. What’s worse is that Gotham is based on the Batman property, and yet it still couldn’t dominate the Monday night. To be fair, Scorpion aired right after Big Bang Theory, a very popular show which received almost 18 million viewers that night.

How did Gotham fare for its second episode? It fell 13 percent from last week’s numbers and received 7.3 million viewers. Scorpion fell just only 7 percent and received 13.2 million viewers.

I haven’t gotten the┬áchance to check out the second episode. If you have, let us know what you think in the comments section.

Via EW

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