Mantis Shrimps can see cancer, scientists create Mantis Vision

So in the University of Australia, scientists have discovered that the Mantis Shrimp has compound eyes that allow it to detect healthy tissue versus cancerous tissue. Not to be outdone by one of the smallest creatures in Australia in comparison to all the other creatures that are not only massive like giant spiders, they can be found inside homes in some of the more populated cities. Scientists in said university have developed a camera that mimics the same light detection to scan for cancer cells.

Somehow Relevant

Somehow Relevant

And as an extra middle finger to nature, the scientists at the university are not only hoping to perfect this tech, they’re striving to perfect it to the point where they can put it inside a smartphone, foregoing the need for invasive surgery, which will be awesome for everyone. Even better if it’s in app stores for 99 cents.

Source: Science Alert

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