The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon was to be ‘prison gay’


A lot of hoopla was made when it was revealed that Robert Kirman had talks about having Daryl Dixon be a gay character. He then said that it will be discussed in the show in the future. Some were against the idea, while others were for it. Scott M. Gimple, who’s the current showrunner for the show, said that we won’t find out in the fifth season.

Now we have new info that the idea of Daryl being gay started after the first season of the show with former showrunner Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption). We also find out that Norman Reedus, who plays the character, is down to play him as a gay character.

Check out the interview Reedus did with GQ:

GQ: I do like the extremity of him perhaps being a virgin.

NORMAN REEDUS: Yeah, totally. You know, a virgin is interesting. I remember Frank Darabont, after the first season we were at a party in LA, He said, ‘I’ve got an idea for Daryl. He’s gay. Would you be interested in that?’ I was like, ‘Let me hear you out.’ He said, ‘Well, he’s prison gay—like, you’ll catch him looking at a member of the same sex, but if you mention it to him, he’ll just stab you and be like what the [frick]?—he will never admit it.’ I was like, ‘That’ll blow minds—let’s do that.’ And he said, ‘I knew I hired you for a reason.’ ”

GQ: And then they fired him.

NORMAN REEDUS: Had nothing to do with that. But I like playing all these different things. Daryl’s not the type of guy who’s gonna throw somebody up against a tree in the moonlight. I don’t see him as having that kind of confidence. You could drop him off in the middle of the woods with a stick and he’ll come back well fed and doing well, but I don’t think in matters of the heart he’s real secure.

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