Sony SmartEyeglass to compete against Google Glass


You better watch out, Google, because Sony is going to be entering your domain with its own version of the smart glasses, and it’s determined to have it out by March 2015. It was announced by Sony that the SmartEyeglass will be available for developers. The design isn’t flashy, but the noticeable x-factor is the “holographic” display technology. (Cue Princess Leia hologram.)

With Google Glass, the wearer can see information projected through the glass. The information displayed is like a rear-view mirror in a car, and it could be an issue for eye strain. The SmartEyeglass uses lenses that are 85% transparent. With the hologram optic technology, the information can be seen over the wearer’s direct field of vision, showing objects, points of interest and etc. You can even see augmented information on the person you’re looking at. (We are one step closer to Watch Dogs.)

Sony has said that the information (images or text) won’t be a distraction. However, the information seen will be in monochrome to save on battery life. Other features include a high-quality image sensor, a 3-megapixel camera, integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass and a microphone and connect wirelessly to an Android smartphone.

What the Google Glass has is convenience, since the controls and microphone are located inside the frame. Sony’s controls and mic for the glasses are separated and wired with an extra spot for batteries.

This isn’t the first time Sony has been competing with other companies with new tech. We’ve seen this with the Morpheus VR headset and the Wand controller for the PlayStation consoles.

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