Hands on preview of Rising Star Games 4 new titles

Rising Star is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year, and last week we got a hands-on preview of four upcoming titles which are coming soon to Steam and the PlayStation Vita.


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I got a the chance to play the second and third level of Tri, which is a first-person puzzle adventure game developed by Rat King EntertainmentThe focus of the game is to find a missing god and use the power of the Tri to proceed. In the second stage players get their first Tri power, the ability to create platforms from air in the shape of triangles. You can get pretty creative on how you do, but you are limited in how big and how long the triangles can be. You can stack many of them to move and reach new areas.

Your objective is to find and collect statues to proceed to the next area, along they way you can find hidden statues which mainly serve the purpose to explore and collect more, but once you collect the minimum you can head to the next stage. We took a look at later stages where gravity plays a huge role and you can walk along the side of the walls.

Rising Star is adding an online leaderboard so players can speed-run the game and see who can be the fastest in each stage.

It took a few minutes to get used to the game, but players who love a challenge can enjoy this game when it releases.


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Tulpa is the Tibetan word for “magical emanation” or “Phantom” which fits this side-scrolling puzzle game from Encryptique Studios. Explore a surreal world where you control a young girl and her spiritual partner as they explore the area. You control two characters, a young girl and young male phantom. They both will work together to solve tricky puzzles. The young girl can interact with items while the phantom can interact with levers and other items while floating.

Learning to work together will be the only way the young girl can proceed, but if she sees something that causes her to quickly lose her mind or if her partner is too far she will die. After playing a few short stages, you start to think just what happened.


I love a good Shmup (Shoot ’em up) game and Kromaia quickly caught my attention. The build had three playable ships which each had their own play styles with a long range ship, mid range and a short range ship that uses a sword to attack enemies. The game had a huge retro-Tron feel to it which worked well in both gameplay and visuals.

Gameplay was simple with the ability to maneuver in any direction you wanted while firing your weapons. Your special technique for each ship is different and allows for different abilities. Each stage requires you to pass a certain amount of points while avoiding debris, shooting down opponents and finally fighting a boss at the end of each stage.

The game was recently approved by the fans through Steam Greenlight.

La-Mulana Ex


Finally the last game we got to see was La-Mulana Ex for the PlayStation Vita. I recently picked up the first game at the recommendation of a few friends since I am a fan of Metroidvania style games and found La-Mulana to be a great title to play. It is a port of the version you can currently find on Steam and Wiiware, with Vita-exclusive features for this game and is developed by Japanese team Pygmy Studios.

All four titles are planned to release later this year.

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