Velvet Prozak comedy series premieres!


The Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills rolled out the yellow carpet for the premiere of The Adventures of Velvet Prozak. The stars of the comedy series gathered to celebrate the pilot launch.

Synopsis: Bartholomew Fogglehorn, a twenty-two year old actor, moves to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star. Barth escapes his life of Murphy’s Law by disappearing into his own elaborate, movie star adventures and music video style fantasies through his alter ego, Velvet Prozak. When Barth takes action and embarks on his alter ego’s adventures he discovers a whimsical world that’s more wild and zany than he could ever had imagined.

Starring Saige Walker as Bartholomew Fogglehorn, the cast includes Allie Meixner and Jason Boegh. The carpet was filled with an eclectic bunch of artists, comedy stars and and more.

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