Corsair criticized for new ‘Tramp Stamp’ logo…really? (Opinion)

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This past Monday, PC hardware and peripheral maker Corsair ceremoniously launched their games-centric new division of the company, ‘Corsair Games’, along with the latest updated versions of many of their marquee products including their mechanical keyboard and headsets line. Unfortunately for Corsair Gaming, what’s garnering more attention than their actual products is fan outrage over their new logo.

Since Monday there have been articles written as well as a fan-made petition pleading for Corsair to revert back to the old logo that has hit nearly 5,000 supporters. The public outcry of disappointment and comments I’ve read saying that people refuse to buy any Corsair Gaming products with the new logo got me thinking a lot about logos, specifically gaming brand logos.

A petitioner wrote that “the new logo is just ugly… it looks like a tramp stamp!”

What does it say that an established company who has a track record of investment to the gamer community can’t be judged by the quality of their product and not the stylistic decisions of their logo? Are we that shallow? Now the new line of Corsair products have only just launched, so reviews and opinions are slowly trickling in. Let’s judge Corsair gaming based on product reliability and quality, not solely aesthetics of something as materialistic as a logo.

And finally to end my rant.. Are people really upset about a gaming company’s logo being cheesy… Have any of these people complaining looked at other companies amazing ‘Gaming’ logos. One of the biggest fishes in the pond, Razer, has perhaps the most atrocious logos and fonts in the industry.


They even did the unforgivable “take a ‘cool’ word and spell it wrong” thing. But all is forgiven because Razer makes an amazing line of top quality peripherals, so let’s give other companies the same chance. It’s not a good gaming brand logo unless it looks like a stereotypical 1990s tattoo. Come on, Internet, let’s get it together and realize that logos are only on the surface. If you don’t like it, scratch it off or put a sticker over it.

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