YaoiCon 2014: My experience

I had the pleasure of attending YaoiCon 2014, which takes place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco. YaoiCon goes on every year and has been around for a really long time now. For those who don’t know, yaoi is about fictional stories with boy-on-boy love. You’re probably thinking that the entire con is just yaoi. Well, obviously that is a huge part as it’s in the name, however it’s mostly just the panels and the main things of the convention that involve it. If you were to stay out of those rooms, you probably wouldn’t even know that any yaoi was involved. Now, that’s not a bad thing, mainly because other people staying at the hotel would complain!

There wasn’t too much going on, seeing as most of the activities went on at night and I had to leave before then. Personally, for me, I went mostly to see friends I hadn’t seen in ages and to catch up with them.

Of course there were cosplay, a vendors hall, panels, and things to partake in. There are mostly guys in female costumes, but I should probably be used to that by now. Also, loads of bishis, but that’s obvious at this type of con. Matter of fact, our lovely Nerd Reactor boss John was a bishi at YaoiCon one year. Sadly, I don’t have footage of that.

Next year, I would love to go again and get more involved. I couldn’t this year since the plan was a bit last minute for me. So it’s on, YaoiCon 2015.

Anyway, I’ve put together a small video to show people what my trip was like. No, I’m no expert when it comes to video production, editing, and all that jazz. So please, bear with me.

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